Highlights From Apple's iPhone SE Launch Event

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iPhone SE Price in India and Launch Date Revealed

iPhone SE Launched: Price, Specifications, and More

9.7-Inch iPad Pro Launched: Price, Specifications, and More

That's that for the event. We're signing off. Thanks for reading this live blog. Stay tuned to Gadgets 360 for more breaking news and updates.

The next big Apple event will probably be held in Apple's spaceship campus.

This is probably the last product announcement at from the current venue, Cook says.

Tim Cook returns.

12.9-inch iPad Pro also gets a 256GB storage tier. Price: $1099.

iPad Pro pre-orders begin March 24, available from March 31

iPad Pro Price: 32GB $549, 128GB $749, 256GB $899

The iPad Pro also has a 12MP camera, and it supports Live Photos too.

9.7-inch iPad Pro also has a Smart Keyboard accessory and it supports the Apple Pencil too.

And comes with the same A9X processor as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The smaller iPad Pro has four speakers. A much-needed upgrade.

It has a new technology called True Tone display. This apparently senses ambient light and changes the screen's colour temperature accordingly.

iPad Pro comes with a new kind of display that is 40 percent less reflective when compared with that on an iPad Air 2.

Meet the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro

He says there are over 1 million iPad apps on the App Store.

Apple claims to have sold over 200 million 9.7-inch iPads. Schiller says that's the most popular iPad size.

The smaller iPad Pro weighs just 450 grams.

Cook hands it over to Phil Schiller, who starts talking iPads.

Tim Cook's back. It is time to announce the iPad.

iOS 9.3 update is available from today.

Some CarPlay improvements - better Apple Maps and Music apps.

Apple News gets a new top stories feature.

You can now password protect the Notes app. Naturally it supports Touch ID too.

iOS 9.3. All the features were listed on the Apple website. The headline feature is Night Shift - removes blue light at night to help you sleep better, according to Apple.

iPhone SE in a nutshell

iPhone announcements are done. Joswiak says iOS 9 is running on 80 percent of active iOS devices while Android 6.0 Marshmallow is running on two percent of Android devices.

iPhone SE will be available in 100 countries by May.

iPhone SE Price: $399 for 16GB, $499 for 64GB.

The iPhone SE supports LTE up to 150 Mbps and more LTE bands. Should support Indian LTE bands too, although that's yet to be confirmed.

iPhone SE comes with a 12-megapixel camera

The iPhone SE can capture 4K video too.

Meet the new 4-inch iPhone SE

iPhone SE has a 12-megapixel camera

Apple just showed a CPU performance graph - the iPhone SE is as powerful as iPhone 6s.

That means the iPhone SE has iPhone 5s looks and iPhone 6s' power.

The iPhone SE comes with a 64-bit A9 processor and looks a lot like iPhone 5s.

That's cleared up. It's called the iPhone SE.

Apple's Greg Joswiak is on stage to talk about a smaller iPhone.

New features for new Apple TV

iPhone time!

Siri has more improvements on tvOS. And it's also getting Live Photos feature from iOS.

First look at the new Apple Watch bands

Cook has already moved to Apple TV. He claims that it now has 5000 apps.

Apple Watch just got a price drop. It's down to $299.

There is a new nylon band for Apple Watch and some new colours for existing bands.

Unsurprisingly, he claims that people love changing watch bands - about one-third of Apple Watch users.

Cook is talking about the Apple Watch. He has called it the world's best selling smartwatch.


CareKit will also be open source. With that announcement, Williams leaves and Cook returns for...

CareKit can be integrated with apps, and can be used to share medical information with your family and the doctor. CareKit will be available from April.

They've just unveiled something called CareKit. This can be used to help track how effective medicines are on individual patients.

Williams returns to the stage and drives his point home - about ResearchKit being important to advance medical research.

The video is showing the real-world implications of this software.

Another look at Liam, the iPhone disassembling robot

Now they're showing a video about ResearchKit.

Williams is talking about ResearchKit - how a Parkinson's study became the largest ever of its kind thanks to the software features on iOS.

Jeff Williams, Apple's COO is on stage to talk about health.

Tim Cook returns to the stage.

The company is talking about how materials used to make the iPhone can be reused after recycling.

Apple is now showing a video about its iPhone recycling program.

These updates are coming from Lisa Jackson, Apple's environment, policy and social initiatives VP.

Apple is claiming that 99 percent of the paper in Apple product boxes is either recycled or comes from forests that are sustainably managed.

That number is 100 percent in China and the US, Apple claims.

93 percent of all Apple facilities in the world run on renewable energy, Apple says.

Now Apple is talking about the environment!

The room applauds Cook.

He's talking about the US government wanting Apple to create a backdoor to its iOS operating system. He reiterates that the company is taking a stand for encryption to protect people's privacy.

We built the iPhone for you and we know it is a deeply personal device, Cook says.

More than 1 billion Apple devices are in use, Cook says.

The event is on. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, is on stage.

Lights are dimming at the venue... We're going live real soon.

The event is about to begin. Apple just asked everyone at the venue to switch their phones to silent mode.

Those of you tuned in to Apple's live stream - note that Apple is playing Beats 1 Radio instead of the usual recorded music.

We just reached the launch venue. The auditorium is rather small.

One can see a picture of Steve Jobs holding the original MacBook Air while entering the launch venue.

Just a little over half an hour to go for the Apple event. Stay tuned for to-the-second updates.

In case your Internet connection is fast enough, you might want to watch Apple's launch event live. Here's how you can do that.

Gadgets 360 Editor in Chief Kunal Dua at the Apple event in Cupertino. Stay tuned for live updates.

Just in case you weren't sure if we're really in the Apple campus in Cupertino, California...

There's that Apple logo from the Let us loop you in event invite. Now that we're paying close attention, we can see four colours - silver, space grey, gold and rose gold. Could this be a sneaky hint at what's to be launched?

Journalists from around the world are here to cover the Apple launch.

This is the first time an Indian publication has been invited to an Apple launch event in the US. As you'd expect, India's #1 technology publication - Gadgets 360 - is the one.

Apple's special event from its Cupertino campus is scheduled to begin at 10.30 pm IST and guess what? Gadgets 360 is in Cupertino for the launch!

In an unusual turn of events Apple is likely to launch a new iPhone in its spring event. Usually the company reserves iPhone launches for its big event in September. One reason for this break from the usual pattern could be that the company is likely to launch a smaller iPhone, with a 4-inch screen size. The new iPhone is likely to have upgraded innards - those available in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple could name the new device iPhone SE, based on rumours doing the rounds ahead of the iPhone's launch. Rumours of a smaller, 4-inch iPhone have been floating around since 2014, when Apple launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. That was the first time Apple launched phones with screen size larger than 4 inches. One of the latest leaks reveals an alleged retail box of the new smartphone, which has the name iPhone SE. The base storage might remain 16GB. SE in iPhone SE might stand for special edition. This phone is likely to be cheaper than the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and India could be in the first wave of countries where the iPhone is available. The iPhone SE could also have an NFC chip to enable Apple Pay support.

Apple might also unveil a new iPad at the event. The tablet could be called iPad Pro and feature a 9.7-inch display. Rumour mills have hinted at support for Apple Pencil, an accessory only available for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro so far. The smaller iPad Pro is also rumoured to be costlier than iPad Air 2 with 32GB and 128GB storage variants. While it isn't clear whether there is going to be a new Apple Watch at the event, most rumours seem to hint at the release of a software update for Apple's wearable device.


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iPhone SE Launched: Price, Specifications, and More
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