iPhone 7 Launch Event Highlights

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iPhone 7 Launch Event Highlights
  • Apple is hosting a special event in San Francisco
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the stars
  • Apple Watch Series 2 launched

All the new Apple Watch options

Cook just ended the event. Thanks for following this live blog. We hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned to Gadgets 360 for to-the-second updates.

They have a live music performance. Sia is performing her new song live at the iPhone 7 launch.

Looks like he's wrapping up the event.

Tim Cook is on stage now.

AirPods cost $169 and will start shipping in October.

iOS 10 is launching on September 13.

No India on list of launch countries in the first two waves.

Pre-orders begin on September 9. Starts shipping on September 16.

The iPhone Upgrade program is now in US, UK and China.

iPhone SE is now on 16GB and 128GB. 6S and 6S Plus get 32 and 128GB variants.

iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769 for 32GB. Other variants are 128GB and 256GB.

Other variants are 128GB and 256GB.

iPhone 7 starts at $649 for 32GB.

All the major features of the Apple iPhone 7

A short video to sum up the iPhone on now.

Only storage and price announcements left now.

iPhone 7 lasts 2 hours longer than the 6S.

Battery numbers - longest battery life every in an iPhone, Schiller says. About 14-15 hours on WiFi.

Nothing proves performance like 400 flying monkeys, says Schiller.

We're able to render over 400 flying monkeys with a flawless frame rate, she says.

The effects look great, which isn't unexpected considering this is a demo. Weather effects are especially good.

She's talking about Oz Broken Kingdom, an action RPG.

Heather Price, co-founder of ThisGameStudio, on stage now.

Schiller says this will make console-level gaming possible on the iPhone. F1 2016 is coming to iPhone.

Graphics - 50 percent faster than A9 chip used in iPhone 6S.

Two other two are high-efficiency cores. One-fifth the power of the high-performance cores.

It has two high-performance cores. 40 percent faster than 6S.

A10 Fusion processor, with four-core processor with 3.3 billion transistor. It is a rocket ship.

#10. Performance.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2 includes Felica, an NFC technology used in Japan. Rolling out in October, along with transit on Apple Maps.

#9. Apple Pay.

Beats is launching the Solo 3 Wireless with 40 hours listening time. Powerbeats 3 is for workouts and a new Beats X series also launching. All have Apple's W1 chip.

You can put them in the case to charge them.

W 1 chip inside the Airpods. Here's what all they have inside. #AppleEvent

It connects to Mac and iPad via iCloud.

You open the AirPods case and a pop-up on your iPhone prompts you to connect. When you tap Connect you're connected. It's a one-step setup across all your devices.

The battery life is around 5 hours on a single charge.

You can double-tap the AirPods to activate Siri. It has a noise-reducing mic. The W1 chip lets you switch between Apple devices connected to it easily.

The all new Airpods. Wireless headphones . #AppleEvent

The AirPods have a W1 Apple-designed chip. No cable to connect them. They only play when you're ready to listen.

Apple AirPods. A video shows these new wireless headphones. This is a signature Jony Ive white background video.

#8: Wireless.

Our smartphones are packed with technologies and we all want more. All technologies are fighting for space and maintaining a single analog connector simply doesn't make sense, he says.

The reason to move on: Courage. Do something new that betters all of us.

There's an adapter for Lightning to 3.5mm adapter and it'll be included in the box with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

There are over 900 million Lightning connector devices in the world, he says.

#7. EarPods. They now connect over the Lightning port. Looks like the headphone jack is gone.

#iPhone7 stereo speakers. One on top. One at the bottom

Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have stereo speakers. They sound better, and have twice the volume, he says.

#6. Audio. Speakers first.

Schiller returns.

Instagram has updated all of its filters to take advantage of the wider colour gamut on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus' displays.

Ian Spalter, head of design at Instagram, on stage to talk about how the app is using the new display.

#5. Display. Retina HD Display is 25% brighter than iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Depth of field on the iPhone 7 Plus. 2 examples

A free software update will bring this feature to iPhone 7 Plus users later this year.

We're not saying throw out your DSLRs. What we are saying is this is the best camera we've made in an iPhone, Schiller says. This is the best camera ever made in a smartphone.

You can see a real-time deep-depth preview with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Schiller is showing the bokeh effect and shallow depth-of-field. He says the iPhone 7 Plus uses machine learning to keep foreground subjects sharper in focus and create that depth-of-field.

Tap the picture to zoom in and click a picture with the telephoto lens. You can zoom to 1x to 10x. Beyond 2x is software zoom but it's much better now thanks to the second camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, Schiller says.

Dual lense on the #iPhone7 plus. One is a telephoto lense

This has been done to create a zoom feature for the iPhone.

Two 12MP cameras built-in on iPhone 7 Plus. One is wide-angle and the other is a 56mm telephoto.

It looks like iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual-camera setup.

It has a 12-MP rear camera with OIS.

It has a 7MP FaceTime HD camera.

Low-light photos are improved, Schiller says.

The sensor is also 30 percent more efficient and 60 percent faster.

Apple has designed its own image-signal processor for the camera.

It has a wider f/1.8 aperture. The iPhone 7 has a quad-tone flash. It has a flicker sensor and compensates for flickering artificial light.

iPhone 7 has just one camera but it has Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). iPhone 7 Plus has this too.

Water and dust resistant. Plus the home button is now haptic and not a mechanical press button

#4: Camera.

#3. The new iPhones will be water- and dust-resistant. IP67 standard.

There are new feedbacks for notifications, messages, ringtones, etc.

The home button is now force sensitive, and has a new-generation taptic engine.

Looks like it's getting a big improvement.

#2: Home button.

10 new features. First up - design. iPhone 7 has a new finish called Jet Black. Antenna bands have almost disappeared. There's a second black - called just Black. Also available in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior VP of marketing, is on stage to talk about the iPhone 7.

Video over, Cook is back.

It has a pristine mirror-like surface, Ive's soothing voice says.

Here it is. The iPhone 7. Dual lense confirmed. Some design changes too. Piano black maybe the new color

Apple's Chief Design Officer Jony Ive is talking about it via one of his trademark videos.

Dual cameras confirmed. It's called iPhone 7. It's the best iPhone we've ever created.

He's finally moved on to the new iPhone.

Cook's speaking about HomeKit, and says over 100 products are coming soon that support HomeKit. Not sure if this is a big deal for India though.

We've covered all of this (iOS 10 features), just click here to read it all.

Cook is quickly summarising all the features of iOS 10.

Apple has sold more than one billion iPhones, he says.

Cook is back on stage. iPhone time.

The older Apple Watch gets the new Series 2 processor. It's now called Apple Watch Series 1. Priced at $269.

Apple Watch Nike+ will also be priced at $369.

Williams returns to stage. Says Apple Watch Series 2 will start at $369.

The watch band has a lot of holes... or should we call them pores? Available in four colours.

Apple Watch Nike Plus. Finally Nike gets rewarded for getting rid of the Nike Fuel Band

Edwards is just talking about notifications that motivate people to run.

You can just tell Siri to start a run with the Apple Watch Nike+.

Trevor Edwards, President of Nike brand is on stage to talk about this watch.

Apple's partnered with Nike to make Apple Watch Nike+. It's a watch designed for runners.

Faster, brighter, water-resistant, built-in GPS, and built with strict environmental standards in mind: Williams. He calls it the ultimate device for a healthy life.

There are new Hermes bands as well.

It's four times harder than Stainless Steel. It's white.


Apple Watch Series 2 gets new styles: cases in Aluminium, Stainless Stell, as well as...

The demo shows a hiking app called Viewranger that lets you track your hike. With every point of interest in hikes supported in the app, it shows you a fun fact.

The Activity app shows a colour-coded display of varying speeds on the map. Again, runners are going to love this.

Apple Watch 2 has a built-in GPS. This is a boon for runners.

Williams says Apple Watch Series 2 has the brightest display Apple has ever shipped at 1000 nits.

The Apple Watch Series 2 has a dual-core processor that's 50 percent faster and a new GPU. Williams says Night Sky (astronomy app) has been able to add five times the level of detail in the Apple Watch Series 2.

This has two new workouts - open water swim and pool swim. We think swimmers are going to absolutely love this

They're showing their swimming simulator. Williams says the company put watches there for weeks at a time during testing.

The speaker system has been redesigned in Apple Watch Series 2. The speaker itself ejects water at the end of your workout, Williams says.

Yes. There is a new Apple Watch. Watch Series 2. It's water proof to 50 metres

It's water-resistant to a depth of 50 metres.

It's called Apple Watch Series 2. It's swim-proof, Williams says.

The video focuses a lot on fitness. Swim-proofing could be a game-changing feature for the Apple Watch.

Video playing first. Looks like this watch is swim-proof!

Williams is back on stage. A new Apple Watch is coming, he says!

The Apple Watch app for Pokemon Go will ship before the end of the year.

A Pikachu hatched from an egg in the demo. Lucky guy, the demonstrator.

The Apple Watch app does let you spin Pokestops and collect items.

There's a complication for to track Pokemon egg distance. You need to take out your iPhone to catch Pokemon though.

Pokemon Go on Apple Watch is now being demoed.

Pokemon Go. Now on the Apple Watch

He says Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 500 million times. And trainers have collectively walked 4.6 billion km while playing the game.

Niantic Labs' CEO John Hanke is on stage to talk about Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go will be on the Apple Watch.

Williams is talking about all the apps that work well on watchOS 3.

Jeff Williams, Apple COO, is on stage to talk about Apple Watch. He's talking about watchOS 3 first.

Apple Watch is also the top selling smartwatch. He says Apple Watch tops in customer satisfaction.

Apple Watch is second in watch sales, right behind Rolex, Cook says.

Apple Watch first.

Tim Cook returns to stage. Finally product update time?

You can work on iWork from Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even the Web.

They're editing an Apple keynote slide in iWork's Keynote app. On stage, live!

Google Docs has had it for some time now, Apple is catching up. But this is a big move to push people towards iWork.

Apple's announced real-time collaboration for iWork.

Cook's now talking about the iWork suite of products for education.

It teaches kids Apple's Swift programming language. More than 100 schools around the world have planned to teach the language, Cook says.

Apple's created a program called Everyone Can Code. To help students learn coding.

Apple is giving Macs, iPads, and Apple TVs to plenty of schools across America.

He's talking about ConnectED, a US program for educating schoolkids.

He's talking education.

Cook returns to stage.

They've also prepared Super Mario stickers for iOS 10.

Super Mario Run is releasing in time for holidays in 2016.

You just keep running, jumping and collecting coins till time runs out.

The game has a new battle mode called Toad Rally.

He says you can easily play while holding on to a handle on the subway, eating a hamburger, or while holding an apple.

Mario automatically runs and looks great. The goal is to collect as many coins as you can before time runs out.

They're showing a game demo now.

The game will be called Super Mario Run.

He's called a translator on stage because he's not comfortable speaking English.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto is now on stage.

This is huge.

Mario is coming to iPhone and iPad!

The iPhone and the iPad are the most popular game devices in the world

App Store generated 2x the revenue of our closest competitor in the last quarter: Cook.

140 billion apps have now been downloaded from the App Store: Cook

App Store next.

Cook is talking up Apple Music exclusives.

Apple Music has grown to 17 million subscribers: Cook

Apple Music updates are first. Carpool Karaoke coming to Apple Music next year.

Tim Cook Arrives. After a funny video

And Apple CEO Tim Cook's on stage.

Now they're singing Sweet Home Alabama in a carpool karaoke.

Tim Cook is riding with James Corden in the video.

And it begins. Apple Event

The video features jokes about iPhone 7 leaks. And now Cook and the driver of the car he's in are singing a One Republic song.

The event has begun. This begins with a video featuring Tim Cook!

The event is about to begin. Live updates will begin soon.

Apple goes healthy. All kinds of fresh cold pressed juices at the event. Does that mean the new iPhone 7 will be thinner and fitter :)

Breakfast at the Apple event. Just before the doors open and food is forgotten about

We'll be bringing in live updates right here and via @Gadgets360 on Twitter. Stay tuned.

Apple's iPhone 7 launch event is scheduled to begin at 10.30 pm IST.

About one tenth of the world media getting all set outside the event area

Early morning at the apple event and the lines already building up

Apple is hosting a special event in San Francisco. If your Internet is too slow to catch the live stream or if you're stuck in a place where you can't catch the launch live, our live blog will help you catch all the action live.

(Also seeApple Launches iPhone 7 With Water Resistance, No Headphone Jack)

Apple's smartphone launch is the company's biggest event every year. This year the company has launched the iPhone 7. The most controversial move is expected to be the removal of the headphone jack, but it will be interesting to see how Apple justifies this move. The company might unveil new wireless headphones with custom Bluetooth technology and new Beats headphones. There have been plenty of leaks already hinting at everything from specifications to new colour options. But none of these things are official yet, so we're looking forward to the launch to see how many rumours are true and if Apple has any surprises in store. As for iPhone 7 India launch, we hope it happens in the first wave.


The other big launch at the event is Apple Watch 2. It's likely to be thinner, feature a GPS, and have more battery life. There are bound to be some performance improvements as well. The Apple Watch 2 is expected to be focused on fitness and we'll obviously find out more soon.

Other than that we don't expect Apple to make more hardware announcements, with new Macs expected in October 2016. If the iPad gets an upgrade, we'll be surprised. However, we do expect iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to get a price cut. For India, the biggest announcement could end up being a price cut on the iPhone SE, but we're not sure if that's going to happen.


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