Apple WWDC 2018 Keynote Highlights: iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5 Unveiled

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The video's over and so is the keynote. Tim Cook waves goodbye and ends this event. Thanks a lot for joining us. Hope you enjoyed the live blog. Stay tuned for latest updates from WWDC only on

There's a short video that focuses on developers and their families.

Tim Cook is now on stage wrapping up the keynote. Developer betas will be available for all OSes today, with final versions coming this fall.

Apple is making it much easier for developers to port their iOS apps to Mac. Phase 1 is to test these on Apple's own apps, as Apple discovered while porting apps such as Voice Memos to the Mac from iOS. This feature is coming to developers in 2019.

Federighi answers the big question: Are you merging macOS and iOS? He says there's an emphatic No.

These essentially help more developers add machine learning to their apps.

This helps developers train their ML models much faster, with much more space efficient rendering.

CreateML is a new tool for the Mac.

On to Machine Learning.

Federighi is talking about Metal, a technology for modern GPUs to let them run console quality games on mobile devices and Macs.

Top Mac apps such as Transmit, Lightroom CC, Office 365, BBEdit, are coming to the Mac App Store. This is big news for the store.

The tabs on the App Store are now on the left with new categories such as Work, Play, etc. Video previews are available too, and the Mac App Store gets a ratings and reviews API too.

You get to see stories about Mac apps, just like the iOS 11 App Store shows you stories about iOS apps. This is a big win for developers, who have long felt that the Mac App Store is a shadow of the iOS App Store.

On to Mac App Store, which is going iOS 11 App Store style stories based on what Apple has said on stage so far.

Safari is adding unique fingerprinting protection to protect your privacy on the Web. These protections are coming to both Mojave and iOS 12.

Safari now adds tracking protection for social sharing widgets. You'll get a prompt asking if you want to comment in a box that tracks your data.

A bunch of new things such as camera and microphone on the Mac get extra protections.

Security and privacy features coming next.

The Home app is also coming to Mac.

Stocks and Voice Memos are two iOS apps that are coming to Mac.

Federighi is now talking about apps. Apple News is coming to macOS with Mojave.

Photos you take on iPhone directly appear in the Keynote app on the Mac. Looks really cool.

Continuity is the next feature getting some upgrades. This feature is called Continuity Camera.

Screenshots are much easier to take and edit. A thumbnail appears in the bottom-right when you take a screenshot. This is a lot like iOS 11's screenshot. You can also screen capture videos, just like you take image screenshots.

Quick Look now supports a bunch of markup features such as crop, rotate, or sign.

You can create custom actions such as Watermark PDF that can be run from the Finder on macOS Mojave to quickly execute actions without opening files.

Finder has a new feature that lets you preview a whole bunch of documents. You can see full metadata right from the sidebar.

You can use Stacks, a feature that automatically groups desktop items to declutter your desktop.

Dynamic Desktop is a new feature that changes your desktop wallpaper subtly throughout the day depending on the time of the day. Night wallpapers at night, etc.

Mail, Messages, Xcode are just some of the apps that look great in the Dark Mode.

Dark Mode is one of the biggest new features of macOS Mojave.

First, the name. It is going to be macOS Mojave.

The next version of macOS is chockfull of new features inspired by pro users but designed for everyone Cook says, as Federighi walks on stage.

We love the Mac, Cook says.

The Apple TV segment is now being wrapped up. macOS should be next.

Apple TV's aerial screensavers now show the names of the locations they show.

In the US, Apple TV users get Zero Sign On, a feature that signs them into all their video subscriptions automatically.

Apple has partnered with companies such as Canal+, Charter Spectrum, and Salt to bring these to Apple TV in various countries.

The TV app now covers over 100 video channels. This app isn't available in India yet though.

All supported titles will get Dolby Atmos upgrades for free.

Apple TV 4K is the only streaming player to be both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos certified

Atmos is one of the best audio technologies in the market right now and it's good to see Apple TV add support for this.

Apple TV 4K gets Dolby Atmos support.

On to Apple TV now, and the Apple TV lead designer is on stage to talk about it,

Hindi localisation is coming to Apple Watch. 

Third-party apps can add background audio, which adds support for a lot of apps.

Apple just demoed the Walkie Talkie feature and it looks really cool. Short audio messages with the walkie talkie sound effect sounds like a lot of fun. This whole demo was done while the executive was working out on an indoor bike. 

Apple Podcasts is coming to Apple Watch. You can get episodes synced to the Watch too.

You get interactive notifications too. You also get support for web links for the Messages app. watchOS 5 supports WebKit.

You can now raise your wrist to talk to Siri. No need to say the keyword Hey Siri, in watchOS 5.

watchOS 5 introduces an app called Walkie Talkie. It works over cellular and Wi-Fi connections and supports high-quality audio for you to talk to your friends.

If you forget to end workouts, it will suggest that you end your workout as well.

You can track your Rolling Mile pace and get pace alerts and see your cadence, if you are tracking an outdoor run. These features are essential for runners. watchOS 5 also gets automatic workout detection and it helps you track workouts without worrying about opening the Workouts app.

In watchOS 5 you can challenge your friends to an activity competition as well. 

Kevin Lynch is on stage to talk about watchOS 5. He is the VP of technology at Apple.

Cook is talking about how Apple Watch has changed many people's lives. He narrated one anecdote about how someone saved their husband's life by calling 911 via Apple Watch when the husband was about to drown.

Apple Watch is #1 in customer satisfaction since its launch, Cook says. Apple Watch grew 60 percent last year, he adds.

Tim Cook returns.

Group FaceTime works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can answer on audio on your Apple Watch too. This looks like all there is with iOS 12.

You can also control which tile is bigger to focus on certain people. All of the Animoji effects are also available on Group FaceTime.

When a person speaks, their tile automatically becomes larger.

FaceTime finally gets group calls. You can FaceTime with up to 32 simultaneous participants.

Federighi's back after that demo. FaceTime is next.

Apple is bring fun effects to the Messages camera. 

Kelsey Peterson is on stage to give us a live demo of this new Animoji feature.

There's a new feature called Memoji, which is your own personalised avatar as an Animoji. 

Tongue Detection is a new feature of Animoji. You can make your favourite Animoji stick out their tongues.

Now we're at Messages in iOS 12. Animoji is the first subject.

Parents get better control over their kids' devices. They can limit kids' app usage and access to websites, and other content deemed age appropriate.

You can set time limits to help you stop using apps you are addicted too. After this you will see notifications alerting you that your time is up. This can be extended, but it's a helpful reminder.

There's a feature called Screen Time. It gives you a full weekly summary of where and how you spent your time during the week. You get to know how much time you've spent in which app, which apps are sending you most notifications, and how much time you are picking up your phone.

Grouped notifications are coming to iOS. Finally. You can group these by app, topic, thread, etc. This will fix a lot of people's woes with iOS notifications.

There's a DND mode during bedtime that hides notifications during bedtime and you can disable DND mode when you leave a particular location too.

Federighi is talking about features that let you limit your smartphone usage. 

There's a quick CarPlay update too. With iOS 12 CarPlay will support third-party navigation apps such as Google Maps.

iBooks is now called Apple Books and it now supports audiobooks too. Apple Books now has a new storefront too.

Voice Memos has been rebuilt completely. This is a boon for journalists. This app also comes to the iPad for the first time. There is iCloud support on this so recordings stay in sync across devices.

The Stocks app is coming to the iPad too.

News has better looks. The Stocks app gets Apple News too, so you can see relevant news about every listed company.

Updates on Apple apps now. First is Apple News.

Siri shortcuts work on iPhone and iPad, and can be run from Homepod and Apple Watch.

You can add custom phrases for certain actions. A phrase such as travel plans will show you your hotel reservation, for example. There are pre-made shortcuts in the app that shows how you can get started easily. The interface looks a lot like the Workflow app that we use and love.

Siri suggestions will remind you to call people on their birthdays, turn on do-not-disturb till you are in a certain location, and much more. You can create shortcuts via the Shortcuts app. This reminds us of the Workflow app that Apple acquired around two years ago.

Next up, Siri. There is a new feature called Shortcuts. Apps can assign shortcuts to Siri, so you can say a phrase such as Hey Siri I lost my keys to trigger a search via an app such as Keys.

Once they get your photos, they will see a suggestion to share photos from their library that have you in the picture

Search is more powerful, it indexes events, and shows places to tailor results. There is a new For You tab (just like Apple Music) which suggests best photos from your memories, and suggests effects to apply to certain photos. It also suggests sharing photos with certain friends based on the people that appeared in photos.

Search is the first Photos feature they are improving.

Federighi is back on stage to talk about Photos.

They have Lego buildings in the game and one of those catches fire. A second player comes in with a fire truck to rescue the first one's building. The first player then goes to the roof with a helicopter to save two characters trapped there. This games begins with a single Lego creation in the real world. More Lego AR experiences are coming to the App Store later this year.

You can play this Lego game with a friend and add objects from your collection to the game.

Martin Sanders, director of innovation at Lego is on stage to give a live demo of a shared AR experience.

Federighi just announced ARKit 2, which supports improved face tracking and shared experiences, among others.

If you tap a USDZ asset in a news article, then you can actually see an interactive 3D animation. Federighi says this format is great on the Web, for uses such as online shopping. He says this allows people to add objects to any real-world location via AR to see their actual sizes.

Apple is introducing a new app called Measure to measure lines along surfaces, etc. It's essentially a digital measuring tape and it allows you to add multiple measurements and automatically detect objects too.

You will have WYSIWYG editing in AR thanks to Adobe's immersive design tools, Parasnis says. Federighi returns to stage.

Adobe is bringing native USDZ support to Creative Cloud. 

Abhay Parasnis, Adobe's CTO is on stage to talk about Adobe's use of ARKit.

Apple has created a new format called USDZ for augmented reality, which will augment AR on iOS. 

He said the company has changed the way processor scaling works and delivers full power instantly as you need it instead of scaling it slowly.

He says apps launch up to 40 percent faster on iPhone 6 Plus, and the phone will be faster overall. Share sheet comes up twice as fast, he adds.

For iOS, we are doubling down on performance, Federighi says. iOS 12 will be available on all devices that got iOS 11, which is fantastic. Federighi adds that they are focusing on the oldest devices.

He's giving a brief run-down of the iOS update cycle. Half of iOS users upgraded to iOS 11 within 7 percent. iOS 11 adoption is now at 81 percent, with customer satisfaction at 95 percent. The adoption number for Android 8 is still at 6 percent.

Craig Federighi is now on stage to talk about iOS 12. 

Today is all about software, Cook says. He adds that it will start with iOS.

Cook is now talking about Apple's programming language - Swift. Over 350,000 apps have been written in Swift on the App Store, Cook says.

Developers have now earned over $100 billion now, Cook adds.

The App Store gets 500 million weekly visitors, Cook says.

Cook is talking about the App Store now, he says it turns 10 years old next month.

There are 20 million Apple developers in the world now, and WWDC 2018 has seen developers from 77 countries attending. Both are records for the company.

The video ends with Welcome home developers as Apple CEO Tim Cook takes stage.

Federighi is Apple's SVP of software engineering, for those who didn't know.

The video just described Craig Federighi as a silver-crested lead developer. Words aren't good enough to convey the humour in this video. If you get the chance, watch it at some point.

This event begins with a video that is a homage to David Attenborough's Planet Earth II. Essentially the WWDC event is being described as a migration of unique mammals to the event. Anyone who has seen Planet Earth will get the reference and the joke in this video.

The event has begun!

An announcer has made the keep your phones in silent mode announcement. Expect the keynote to begin shortly.

Five minutes to go for the WWDC 2018 keynote to begin. Stay tuned for updates. If previous keynotes are anything to go by, we expect to see watchOS and tvOS related announcements before macOS and iOS.

Less than 30 minutes to go for the keynote to begin, and as expected, the venue is packed.

Welcome to Gadgets 360's WWDC 2018 keynote live blog. The event begins at 2230 IST, also read as 10.30pm Indian Standard Time. Stay tuned for live updates.

Apple's developer-focused conference WWDC 2018 has stuck to the script, with iOS 12 being at the centre of the event. With iOS 12, Apple is doubling down on performance, and bringing feature such as Augmented Reality (AR) integration with new apps, Siri and its new Siri Shortcuts feature, and updates to the Photos app. A dark mode for certain apps, Apple News integration is Stocks app, and group video calling in FaceTime are some of the most important announcements made at WWDC 2018 keynote. There are also updates to Animojis, notifications, and Activity Reports for a digital detox.

The watchOS 5 is bringing a competition mode that lets users track their own competition against those of their friends. Hindi localisation, Interactive Notifications, web content in mail and messages on Apple Watch, and Apple Podcasts app will be added with the watchOS 5 software.

macOS Mojave is the next-generation software for Mac computers, and will come with a dark theme. Quick Look, improved screenshots with screen capture in the screenshot tool, and Continuity Camera, are some of the other new features in macOS Mojave. The update will also bring the Apple News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home apps to the desktop. Camera and microphone of the computer will get better privacy for all apps on Macs now, and users will get more control on their privacy while browsing in Safari too. Tracking users will become more difficult with Mojave and iOS 12 too as Apple will mask granular data on users' devices so creating a digital fingerprint becomes difficult. The Mac App Store is getting a refresh too, putting reviews and ratings front and centre.


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