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Micromax Canvas Nitro A311

Micromax Canvas Nitro A311 smartphone with 5.00-inch 720x1280 display powered by MediaTek MT6592 processor alongside 2GB of RAM and 13-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Micromax A311 Mobile Software is very poor
    Debabrata Manna (Sep 2, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    With out touch handset phone's flash automatically on and generate heat, Auto Restart, Restore factory not working. I am using 1 year. Please don't purchase this set.
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    yogesh kalyana (Jan 14, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    this phone is seriously a must try out as it just stands out ever aspect of what one can think of ? i bought this phone recently and after using it for 6 days now , i have found out that it really was a GOOD INVESTMENT the phone has abundant storage for apps as being 12.5 gb usable and then above all the 2 gb ram plays a strong role even when playing high end games like MC5 and asphalt it still gives a free RAM of about 700 mb which is quite awesome if you ask me as it makes multitasking an ease and heavy usage of phone gives me a usage time of 7 hours on battery where normal usage makes it a day and 4 hours .and the viewing angles are really good too but micromax did its job being nasty by putting a lot of bloatware on the phone too most of which can be uninstalled though but really it is a good phone too have !
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  • Micromax nitrate 311
    MM JOHN (Jan 5, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    I am using this from July 15. For one year year it worked well. After wards it is giving problem. It is getting switch off while working and takes time to restart. Last two occasion it did'nt start at all. Then I approached the service center. They updated the soft ware but still this problem persists.
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  • Awesome Smartphone ever
    Neha (Sep 9, 2016) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    I have been using this phone more than 1 year now & it is just awesome. No hanging problem, no heating. Lots of space, runs so-smooth. A very excellent phone under budget of 10K.
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  • a smart choice......
    Lokesh Mishra (Jun 12, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    from lokesh mishra i am using this phone for last 7 days and as i realise that this is a good value for money . i really liked its performence due to its 1.7 GHz processer. this phone is functions very well............ in short awesome......................
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  • User Friendly Mobile
    RUPOJYOTI GOON (Dec 12, 2017) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    The best mobile I have used so far. I am using Micromax Nitro A311 for more than 2 years 6 months and were very pleased with its performance. Though its a 3G mobile but its performance regarding phone usage, wifi connectivity, specially the head phone is superb. Very rarely I found it to hang unlike other mobile. Neither its temperature increases abnormally, nor does it discharge abnormally. Before using Micromax I was using Samsung, the worst mobile phone ever I have come across. All the money that I have wasted in buying Samsung mobile has been compensated by using Micromax with its solid performance. Still I am using it and like to continue it.
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  • Its worst mobile in this world...
    Siva lucky (May 12, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    If someone asks to me.I will tell to him that its worst mobile in this world...and the cheapest mobiles also great when compared to this mobile.I buy it in 2015 Dasara...1st Day onwards its didn't get charging fast..and lately getting charge..and fastly...battery was draining...and camera also not good...and hanging too much..when about heat I will tell with this heatness of this mobile...we can iron dresses also...too much heat will produced when we just used it without gap for at least 10 minutes also....frankly I'm saying that...when it sold for 2,000 also...don't buy....this..China mobiles are greater than this Micromax a311 mobile...soo don't buy...it..this is my kindly request...
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  • WiFi not sporting
    Manav Verma (Sep 13, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    I am using this mobile set is so poor quality wi-fi not sporting
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  • very bad performance, zero ratting-continiously restart and sutdown
    Avi Dhamale (Apr 20, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    i'm using this mobile since 1 year, from April 2015 to till date,but issue is not resolved issue description- 1.mobile heating issue from purchase date- 2.then after mobile is hanging & continiously restart and sutdown automatically 3.after i complaint to care customer & then submit to care center under warrenty, that time they promise me, you will get mobile with repair after 21 days,but i got my mobile after 2 months. 4. After 15 days,Applications not working,games also not working,phones calls automatically cut,then error observed- Unfortunately,the process com.android.phone has stopped. 5.then mobile is suffering same issue- continiously restart and sutdown automatically. micromax mobile care center team not response for this concern resolution. regards, Avinash
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  • Useless service and no quality
    Chitra Khanna (Mar 26, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    I have used this phone for 11 months but after that the display of the phone got corrupted and I had given the phone to the micromax service center for the repair. It took them 10 days to figure out the exact problem with the phone and I was told that it will take 20 days more. Now already 55 days has passed on and I have not received the phone. I don't get the point that why it has taken for the company so long to resolve a problem in the product which has been manufactured by them. The service center is not customer friendly and there is no use of complaining the poor services to the customer care as they just buy your time or they will apologise but no action they take. I will never recommend this company's phone to anyone as the services are miserable and there is no sense of responsibility among these people.
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  • Hand set Poor quality NitroA311
    Yuvraj Singh (Feb 25, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    I am using this mobile set is so poor quality ,automatically storing soft ware application and restart automatically with 30 sec. Please don't purchase this set.I am using this mobile set last 6 month.
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  • Worst handset - Nitro A311
    Yogesh Mendjogi (Feb 12, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    Nitro A311 is a failed model from Micromax. The phone is under repair since last 4 months out 8 months after my purchase. The customer care always give a standard answer "App Nishchint rahiye, aapko aap ka handset agale 15 dinonke andar mil jayega". I dont know, if they are aware about what are 15 days. Suggest not buy any Micromax handset without confidence. Dont get excited on low price. Can anyone guide me how to file a case in consumer court?
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  • No Service
    Muhammad AP (Jan 23, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    My Canvas Nitro A311 is handed over for service under warranty period at the Service Centre, Calicut, Kerala on 12/12/2015. Even after one and a half month, the Service Centre is not able to tell even the the probable date of delivery of the phone after service.
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  • Very very bad phone which i have used till date
    ravidelhi6 . (Nov 7, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    I have purchased A311 Micromax just 4months ago for Rs,12000/-and started using of the same starting phone was working fine, just after 1month of utilization phone started draining very fast and then started overheating like oven i took it to the service centre and ask him to check the same then he replied it will be like that only and they need to reflash the software i disagree for that and started using for 3more months suddenly while on a call phone display got blank and it got switched off it was around 15/10/15, then i took it to exclusive micromax service centre he said something wrong with hardware and they need to send it to delhi for repair and they require minimum 1month maximum 45days of time for repair Even today 7/11/15 they say it may take 20more days for repair, not even 4months new phone situation was this and they simply say it is their warranty policy. so please think before purchasing any Micromax product (They have not given any phone as backup so there is no other alternative i was purchased other good brand phone and using presently)
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  • promises a lot , deleivers nothing
    tanishq yadav (Oct 23, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    I had bought this phone nitro a311 in aug 15. this phone seemed to be quite good and in budget, but later as time will pass , this phone will show numerous problems like over heating, poor camera quality , hanging, switching off automatically , poor battery quality , poor touch quality etc. I myself faced the problem of poor touch mechanics as one day my phone stopped responding to touch even after no physical damage was made to the phone like dropping or exposing it to water. When taken to service center they refused to fix this problem under warranty period as they say the problem is short circuit and has happened due to water which is wrong and demanded 5000 rs . they are not ready to repair this phone. And I have lost all my precious contacts from the phone. The customer care is pathetic and miserable ADVISE- SPEND UR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE BUT NOT HERE.
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  • not satisfied by using this phone
    Ron Chakraborty (Oct 9, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    i bought the phone one day ago and the phone was horrible. the battry backup is poor . the camera was not so good as compared to microsoft lumia 540.
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  • Micromax Canvas Nitro A311
    Soumya Biswal (Aug 31, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    Hi All, I brought this phone exactly 7 days ago from today.By using this phone i came to know that battery quality is not good. If you only use as talk purposes then battery lasting is ok but when you started internet surfing , whats app and other things then battery come to end within 2 hours from full charge and also you will find the mobile become warm during this surfing period. When you are charging the mobile at that time whole set is warming. Now from yesterday my mobile is screen is black and preparing to take this mobile to service centre and let see what they are telling.... So think twice before purchase.....
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  • Wanna Buy this Model A311 .................
    Faiem patel (Dec 1, 2014) on Flipkart
    i crazy to Buy this Micromax Canvas Nitro A311....... waiting for Reviewssssss..........helps to Feedback.............
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  • a great phone reinvented by a pure indian manufacturer
    divyanshu gupta (Dec 1, 2014) on Flipkart
    the device now comes with 16gig of internal storage with same specs of a310 1-The camera is excellent you can see camera samples it is much better than moto g 2gen it has sony imx135 13mp sensor 2-it has same 5mp selfie camera 3-16 gig space out of which 13gb available and ram is 1gb free out of 2gb installed google now launcher now ram usage is only 900mb 4.best battery backup it takes 12 hours to drain its battery claimed by digit 5.finally i would recommend to all because it beats moto g 2gen and it is also available on retail shops whereas the moto g is exclusively sold on flipkart and there is grand prime so you can check out that also but resolution of that device is only 960*540 cons 1plays asphalt 8 on medium i think it is still not optimised for mediatek octa soc 2.no gorilla glass so touch response is not great as of moto g but has dragontrail glass
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  • Micromax Canvas Nitro A311 - An Amazing Product
    Tanmay Joshi (Jan 1, 2015) on Flipkart
    The upgrade of Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 is an excellent work. Even though Micromax canvas A311 is an upgrade of Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 just by internal memory, but still there is a noticeable difference even in the performance. The seller did an excellent work in the delievery of the product. The product is extremely smooth to use, there is no lagging problem, no over-heating problems and games like Asphalt 8, Mordern Combat 5, Frontline 2 and Combat trigger are also working lag-free, extremely smooth and without and frame-loss. Overall baseline, I am extremely happy with the product.
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  • wow !!!!!!!!!!!!! such a slim phone! great!
    Bharath Kumar (Dec 1, 2014) on Flipkart
    i think so it is a nice and a good mobile for this price range and i liked this phone due to its looks which are outstanding and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i suggest this mobile to the people who like mobiles with great looks and it also suited me !!!!!
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  • take A119 instead of this
    Flipkart Customer (Dec 1, 2014) on Flipkart
    Guys instead of dis try wit canvas A119, its really awesome use and also nice specifications so go for it nd bhoooommm wit 6 inc hd display..
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  • great phone
    ashutosh rathode (Dec 1, 2014) on Flipkart
    i bought this phone from mumbai on 22 December in 12500 rupees. awesome phone just buy it in this budget. the camera is too good just buy it. bindas kharidne ka.....tension ni lene ka...superb phone
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  • nice combo of Memory + Speed+ Camera
    Amit Tiwari (Jan 1, 2015) on Flipkart
    After a month of usage , I m writing this review ... 1) Its an updated version for old micromax nitro A310 with some upgraded features like--- a) Internal Memory increased to 16 GB (12 GB available for user) b) Processor : 1.7 Tru Octacore c) RAM : 2 GB (u can remove the bloatwares & avail complete ram) 2) Android Version : Kitkat 4. 4 - its good to have kitkat as lollipop based all apps are not easily avail in playsstore 3) WIFI : quiet smooth as complare to jellybean version of mmx ,Wifi Tethering available in this handset 4) Blutooth transfer is also fast 5) In terms of Battery ... it gets hot too fast on continuous usage of handset , like while playing games .but do not drains soon. 6)Graphics of this phone is amazing 7) Camera : Front - 5 MP Rear :13 MP which are quite good 8) Toch screen is also smooth. OVERALL : ITS A NICE COMBO OF S+M+C ,I have installed huge no of apk & 3D heave memory games & its performance is still up to the mark so one can GO for it ...(instead of Redmi or moto old phones)
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  • Best product with nice price tag with all good specs
    srikanth Reddy (Jan 1, 2015) on Flipkart
    My self purchased on 20 Jan 15 with 9k price 1.7 Octa core processor with 2GB RAM 13.0 mega pixel rear cam with Sony IMOX technology and 5.0 pixel front cam for selfie and video calling.,Full HD videos. 5.0 inch HD IPS Screen with Rear leather type. Overall it was a good buy as MMX servicing available in all major cities. So, finally I can recommend my friends to buy this awesome mobile with Great specs in decent price tag.
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  • Micromax canvas Nitro
    Latha B (Jan 1, 2015) on Flipkart
    I like to this Mobile.worth to buy it.Look and feel is Good .Thanks to Flip Kart..Good service.I could give more than five stars.
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  • nice
    Dhanyakumar Gonageri (Jan 1, 2015) on Flipkart
    it's so good.. i love this, and i m like to use. thank u micromax.. i love india and i love indian products.
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    kamaljit singh (Jan 1, 2015) on Flipkart
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  • Excellent
    Avinash Desai (Jan 1, 2015) on Flipkart
    I got this product for 8999. the mobile is excellent and battery backup is good build quality is very good. this poor mans nexus 5
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  • Wonderful phone
    Jagadeesan (Jan 1, 2015) on Flipkart
    I already owned two micromax phones and i am really happy with them. Decided to go for this because of Sony sensor and 16gb inbulit storage. There are some chinese companies provide for lesser price, but i want my money to go for an Indian firm. Just know guys, there are difference between made in China and made by China. The camera is really better than the huawei honor holly 6 and redmi note(both handsets are not owned by me but by my friends). The phones heats up while gaming because of the Mediatek processor. Any phone has this processor will heat when you game for long time.
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