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LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4 smartphone with 4.70-inch 768x1280 display powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor alongside 2GB of RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Nexus 4 by Google Review
    Lucky A (May 7, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Nexus 4 being a budget friendly phone is a complete package for people who are looking for a pure Android experience with no skins on top of it.This phone was the first to ship with android 4.2.2 out of the box and it is the most smooth and fluid android experience i have ever had. The 4.70 inch display is sharp enough to keep me coming back to this device. The colors are vivid and true to life. The 8 mp rear camera is not the best as far as smartphone cameras are concerned but does a fair decent job during daylight. 1.5 Ghz snapdragon 800 chipset, adreno 320 gpu combined with 2 GB of ram does a fantastic job in handling all the high end processing required for games and apps as well. The battery life of the Nexus 4 is only 2100 mAh and not that great which requires frequent charging if used heavily. If someone wants a smooth vanilla experience of android that gets regular updates as soon as Google releases (Currently updated to Kitkat 4.4.2) it and a phone that has a unique design with that gorgeous glass back and soft touch around the corner for proper handling, this is the phone to go for.
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  • My N4 Review
    Rohith Iyer (May 4, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Google Nexus4 is a phone for all the google fans who wish they had the purest of android experience in their device. Nexus4 packs in a good processor with quad core S4 Snapdragon Pro 1.5 Gc with matching 2 GB RAM for support and this deadly combination makes the mammoth looking solid block a great phone to own with minimal softwares gimmick and a great piece of hardware with regular updates from Google. Battery @ 2100 Mah is the dampener which leaves you asking for more. Pros: Great piece of HW with regular SW updates Cons: Battery Life Non Full HD SCreen Panel
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  • Royal Smartphone
    Harsh kawalia (May 20, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Yes, I call my device a royal smartphone as it feels so good in my hand and that is even after a year of it's purchase, this looks absolute beauty from every angle. When I first heard that LG gonna manufacture the fourth edition of the Nexus line up, I was a bit disappointed as I didn't like the LG phones. Then Google launched their famous Google Nexus 4 in November 2012 with not so famous promotion. Next day, I checked the specs first then price and then the pics of device. I was surprised and overjoyed at that moment when I looked at the pics, I mean who offers these specifications, this beauty of a smartphone at this price. I instantly decided I am gonna buy this phone only and started waiting for the launch of the device in India. Surprise: I heard that Nexus 4 will be launched in few days but to my surprise the waiting period converted from days to months and LG made a mess with it's stocks as the beautiful device wasn't available globally. But, I was sure that I am gonna buy this smartphone only. So, I decided to buy this device from US when it comes to stock as I couldn't wait any further. I know the cons. of buying this from outside India but I have made my mind and I didn't care about warranty issues. Delight: Finally, I got my device on Mar 4, 2013 through Blue Dart courier. It took 20 days from US to New Delhi. So, I had my first smartphone in my hand and I was delighted to what. When I touched the device, the first word comes to my mind that "It's Royal" . The feeling I got that time was amazing. The back panel is so gorgeous that every time light touches it, the sparkles started glowing and make you keep staring at them all the time you pick the phone. Specs: Everybody talks about the specs and benchmarks of the phone you gonna buy but first thing I check on a device is Quality. Nexus 4 was the best specs smartphone at that time when it was launched and it handles everything you throw at it. I was completely satisfied with the specs and even today it offers the best specs in its category. User Interface: UI of Google Nexus 4 is completely stock Android UI. As this phone is meant for Developers, they are more than happy with clean and fresh UI. I liked the UI the moment I see it in reviews of most websites as I know I can enhance UI afterwards(through Rooting, Launchers etc.). The main thing is that UI of my device still after a year or so feels so smooth and buttery which shows the performance of Snapdragon S4 chip. Performance & Gaming: As this device runs on Snapdragon S4 chip, there is no match of its performance with MediaTek chips. My phone runs so smoothly that I have seen it hanged till date. Gaming is done through Adreno 320 chip and it's still one the best in the business. Why I bought this Device: This phone suited me the best as the way I want to use my smartphone. Cons: Battery (6-8 hrs on 3G) Camera (Typical LG Sensor) Phone Suited For: Typical mobile enthusiasts who want to have best value for their bucks.
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  • awesome phone
    Jatin Mehta (May 8, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    I bought this phone an year ago.it is best phone under such a small price tag it has a great design especially the glass back panel.a thing that I don't like is that it has no external SD card support and no radio. One is I love about it is that it receives android update as soon as it is released
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  • Elegant phone from Google.
    aayush agarwal (May 22, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    A very good phone in the Nexus series from Google- LG. Made for the 20k range customers, the device gives phenomenal hardware in that price range. The high end qualcomm 1.5 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM unsures the device runs real smooth. The vanilla android in this device lets you enjoy the raw look of Android which is another cool thing in itself. Its 8 MP camera is above average and so is the 4.7 inch display. To sum it up, the best phone in around this price tag.
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  • Best smartphone i got
    Shreyas Uttarkar (May 20, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    This is my first smartphone. And i have used many others too. But this is very fast with 2gb ram. It is a very good phone and that too it comes in the budget. I have had best experience with this phone and it hasn't still disappointed me yet. But there is a battery consumption problem but mostly due to android kitkat, other than that its a quiet a good one and i recommend it to every one.
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  • good fone with little problem of heating and battery
    Sameel K Salim (May 18, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    The phone basically super fast.touch is very god.display is very good only problem is the battery.it battery life drain fast in the 3g comparitevly with other smart phone of same specs.when doing extensive surfing or game it get heated .For gaming and surfing is superb
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  • Nexus 4 review
    Shashidhar Yendigeri (May 17, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Nexus 4 is one phone which u can fall in love it,the moment see it. It is the most beautiful designed phone .It is a budget phone with top end features.Built by an lg and Google,no doubt that this is masterpiece product.I was shocked to find that there was no earphones.The back of the phone is made of glass with design pattern on it.When subjected to sunlight,it glitters beautifully.As a result,it is slippery.Phone should be handled carefully.The glass is prone to scratches .My advice is use a case or bumper. .It has 4.7 inch screen with screen resolution of 768x1280 pixels.watching videos is awesome with such a resolution.It has 1.5 quad core snapdragon processor with 2GB ram.I have using this phone since one year and trust me,not even time it has lagged.Games turn out well.Browsing is quick.Coming to the software,it has the latest software.Being a nexus phone,it is the first among all phone to get update.It has advantage over all phones as it can give quick and guaranteed update.It has a 16gb storage.One thing which is lacking is ,it doesn't have support for externally memory.Anyways 16gb of memory is more than enough for an average users.Coming to the camera,it packs an 8MP rear camera .It has front camera too.Photos taken were decent and sometimes photos came out very good in outdoor conditions.During night time,photos turned out to be average,but not the best.Although,its camera cannot be compared to top end smartphones such as Samsung galaxy s4,htc one,it is still the best camera phone at that price tag.Coming to the audio quality,it is average.I wish its speaker was loud.One more thing i noticed was phone used to get hot when used continuously.Sometimes it becomes so hot that,it becomes very difficult to use.Coming to the battery,it has a battery capacity of 2100mah which is average for an 4.7 inch smartphone.On using it,i was disappointing to say that battery drains out very fast.It didn't even last me even half a day.My recommendations is carry a charger wherever u go.Based on the above review,ill definitely recommend it as it is the best phone available at that price.So go now and purchase it!!. Phone rating:8.6/10 Cons: -beautiful design -latest software -guaranteed update -less price Cons: -gets heated quickly -battery is disappointing -camera is average -prone to scratches and cracks.
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  • masterpiece from google
    mamta naidu (May 7, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    This phone is really awesome .It is good multasking phone. The camera is average.The battery life is 6 hours.Its heats up very fast you have to be very careful with the phone you can't drop it its fragile.Instant updates on software.
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  • my first android and the best among all
    rishikesh kumar on Flipkart
    believe me , best android in this range with all the feature on this hardware, the nexus really shine . cons will be supeeeer seeded by pros.
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  • About fighting over NEXUS 4
    Shubham Agrawal on Flipkart
    Well, I have this phone for nearly a month now.. Using it and playing with it.. I just wanted to say few things about it where I guess people are fighting more and more. Screen quality - I guess its awesome except Direct sun light WiFi- Again Thumbs up Processor speed- Have tried and succeeded using multiple apps without glitch 'GAMING'-Played dead trigger 3 like m playing stick cricket,U can't ask more and I can't say more.. Camera quality- hmmm..! I would give 7/10, n by d way Nexus was never famous for its camera so u have to bare with it Memory- 12.9 GB is enough for me as I have installed all possible but probably best apps, have loaded it with all my fav. Pics, songs and some videos and trust me I have 6 GB more with me..So for those who have a lappy to watch movies and can carry their nexus without loading 10's and 20's of movies, this much memory is enough.. UI- Its Stock android, Fully user friendly and moreover If U know how, having 2 GB RAM U can add any app to mold it your way U won't see this cell crying for overloading Battery - 2100 mAh "Yaar thoda or de dete to kya chala jata"..can just reach to 1 day with normal usage, so be prepared with ur charger or carry a powerhouse devices when on long route Touch- Simply awesome Screen- Front screen V good with Corning gorilla glass while back screen I would say is just for providing it with premium quality so having a back cover is must..and don't be sad u can get range of back covers for this cell and those make it look even better Other features- LED notification light which is coolest among all other smart phones, Front look of the phone makes u love it, All the gesture related aaps can be easily added and used and With android latest 4.3 U get many latest features by default like Swift keyboard, camera settings and many more. So conclusion is that apart from having quiet less than expected battery I am in love with this partner..:-) SO Last but not least If{(You love android) and (you love playing with android)}=This is your phone OTHERS you CAN, not think about it but at least do not misguide others
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  • Awesome phone for the price
    Kishore Kumar on Flipkart
    First of all hats of to the seller, very much impressed by the quick delivery.... Secondly to the phone one of the best of andriods and i am loving it..... Nexus 4 is recommend for ppl who are looking to purchase andriod phone under 25k.... Only draw back is no FM but it doesn't matter , becoz we hardly listen to radio.... 10/10 for the seller as well as to the phone....
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  • excellent phone
    Koustav Roy on Flipkart
    Widin 25k budget dis z d best phn in d mkt & flipkart z selling Nexus along wid headphone also which is an added attraction. H/W z damn gud, I don't have to say any new things abt dis phn, every1 already r crazy abt Nexus. Highly recommended product. go for it guyz..!!!
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  • Nexus 4
    Ketan Patil on Flipkart
    Superb service by Flipkart!!! Very happy with the phone itself, its a beast really!! I did not want the headphones, but since only phone was not available, had no choice. I highly recommend, especially since it is now discontinues in US, not very long to Nexus 5 which will certainly be expensive....
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  • Best Android Phone in the Market....!!!
    Prabhat Singh on Flipkart
    First of all a word of praise for Flipkart....I got this product within 18-20 hrs of ordering. And that too cheaper than market price. Now come to the phone. A lot has already been said about this phone. so i don't need to add anything else. I'll just say that i got more than what i expected. This in real looks far better and its body and design in best compared to any other phone in the market. I won't talk about its features. That we all know is just awsum as it comes directly from the Google. So, if your budget is anywhere near 20 , just dnt think and buy this phone. You wont get any other phone better than this in this price range.
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  • A good phone
    utkarsh singh on Flipkart
    Firstly I would like to say the flipkart service has gone from good to moderate, now for the phone, is an average phone with pure android os4.3 jellybean, no less. The camera is good, but not as great as the HTC one's or s4 The phone packs in a good amount of ram which helps multi tasking and at this price, no one would want more.Opened the box, as soon as the wifi was connected, there was a 4.3 update downloaded( 10mbps coonection)-) which has some features and looks clean but I still cannot get over with how good the sense 5 is on my HTC one x. Now for the looks, it is gorgeous with all glass panel at the back so yes, you do need a case. Bought this for my mom so it as is, is an overkill but to end it, overall a good phone if you are on a tight budget and wanna experience the full new powerful android featureset...oh and it is future proof atleast in terms of the os as this would be a first to have it when it comes to Google updates.
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  • Go for it.. !! This is the mobile which you were expecting
    MJ on Flipkart
    Using for past one week,.Very Fast Delivery.. Got on second day ( Bcz they don't deliver on Sunday other wise i would have got on next day ) Received 4.3 ( Others like Samsung, HTC, sony .. they have to wait for another 1-2 months) Looks stunning. Touch is awesome They do provide earphone ( this phone is marketed in india ) 2 GB RAM - So fast Camera Quality is OK ( not awesome) Google Now ( Speech app like siri of Iphone) works great. Lots and lots of options ( Yet to discover) I would say, there will be some cons for all things.. same here.. Ignore the cons like Battery Life, Camera and No SD card...since we are not going to take wild photography using this phone and 12 GB is enough for keeping songs, pics and movies.. battery is some how OK.. for me i have to charge every day.. even i was charging daily my Samsung mobile. Go for it.. don't wait, i too waited for long time to take decision...other wise this will be out of stock in India.. Those who are expecting N5.. its not yet announced in US or UK.. for sure it takes at least 6 months to launch in India after launching in US. Conclusion : Go For It..Very Nice phone
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  • Flipkart Rocks !!!
    Shailendra Gupta on Flipkart
    I have recently bought 'Nexus 4' from flipkart. The product received is of best quality. The service provided by flipkart is also of top quality. I am really happy to purchase from flipkart.
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  • Simply Amazing flawless phone at amazing price
    vivek debnath on Flipkart
    the best part is performance, no lags, no hangs, no hiccups, smooth and fast performance like no other phone can offer and latest updates and custom updates from google which again no other phone can offer. In simple words no other phone can match what this phone can offer at great price
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  • Feel good product- Nexus beats the Iphone in user freindly and apps
    Arpitha on Flipkart
    Brand new product from WS retail and Nexus looks cool and great product for those who do not feel the need for more than 16GB memory and camera features.
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  • awesome!!!!!>.....
    Nalambi Kalyani on Flipkart
    the most awesome phone i have ever seen and used!!!!!!! its reliable and enjoyable with anyone you wish. its design, outstanding features, speed omg!!!!!! i am that i will be having this phone with me
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  • Fast Phone
    Balasubramaniam Radhakrishnan on Flipkart
    I have used almost all brand Android phone so planned to go for Nexus to experience stock android. Got the phone within 3 days of order and i was impressed with its design though there r some drawback in the phone(On screen menu button, no expandable storage, No quick setting button) but i like this phone specially its display is super.
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  • Value For Your Hard Earned Money
    Gev Bapooji on Flipkart
    I Have gone against the herd and have purchased The NEXUS 4 and I am really happy with this product. In the Beginning I was a Samsung fanatic and had been the owner Of a Samsung Galaxy Note 1. But The Nexus 4 by LG really opened up my world and I am really happy with it. 1) The 2GB RAM is something that I need and my prayers have been answered. No more hanging of apps. 2) The 1.5 GHZ quadcore snapdragon processor is a beaty. 3) Comes with the latest version of Android Jellybean 4.3 which really shows you the beauty of simple Android without the clutter of useless Preinstalled Apps. 4)The Touch and Feel of the phone is awesome. (I found It better than my earstwhile Galaxy Note1) and can rival the touch of an I-Phone also. 5) The camera is decent at 8 megapixes (Trust me thats all u need) 6)The Glass Finish and the back of the phone is really elegant and gives the phone a very premium feel. 7) When you buy a product you want your money's worth. No matter how good the Samsungs and Apples are you still do not get that satisfied feeling. Why are you paying a good Rs.10000 only for a brand?? With this phone you can smile and feel satisfied. It is worth every penny and the Flipkart experience really makes it better. This phone can easily rival most of the current phones in the Rs.35000 range and I got it for Rs. 24499 :) So I say this. You want a top end Smart Phone which is actually a Beast, but also knows the true value of your hard earned money then DO go for this phone. I LOVE IT. Regards, Gev Bapooji Airline Proffessional
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  • nexus 4 = monster
    Avinash Jagnani on Flipkart
    first of all lg and google has done an awesome job . Nexus 4 is an awesome handset . super fast , good screen , latest android 4.3 , good camera , great looks . again super fast service by flipkart . received my item with 48 hours in perfect condition plus got a very very deal in this diwali sale . thanks a lot to flipkart , lg and google
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  • NEXUS 4 is value for money!!
    Aman kohli on Flipkart
    NEXUS4 is the best mobile available right now in the market below 25k...people who are advising other people to wait for nexus 5 should mention that they need to wait at least for three months after the release of the phone in usa to be avalaible in india. Pros of nexus 4: 1)the processor is just amazing 2)first to get updates 3)the screen is just awesome!! CONS of nexus 4: 1)the battery backup lasts just 1 day 2)the phone gets heated up while playing high end games Conclusion: if you are looking for a mobile below 25k dont think twice just buy it....its a beast!!
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  • Best phone you can get having Android till now.
    Mohit Sharma on Flipkart
    Best phone you can get having Android till now. Getting latest software, customization that you can make, no worries of getting you phone out of date after 6 months, FAST (2GB RAM, Quad core CPU), sleek and sexy looks, low cost. What else one can want? Take it, and go :D )
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  • Awesome exp so far..
    nits on Flipkart
    I did experience certain challenges to configure my text message... otherwise its a superb device, total value for money at this price range. This is the first time I bought a phone online and my experience with Flipkart is good.
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  • Awesome Phone with Great Features
    Prabhat Kumar on Flipkart
    I placed an order on Saturday (19th Oct, 13) as that was the last day of the mega sale through my Standard Chartered an got 15% cash back which was 3700 so the phone just cost me 20500 which is really a good price for me with two freebies Maxx power backup and Plantronics ML2 Bluetooth Headset and both are having a cost of Rs.2200.So finally i save Rs. 6000 on this phone. I got the delivery of the product in the Monday morning as the order was dispatched on Sunday instead of the holiday..here i am very happy with the fast delivery from Flipkart. The phone is really awesome i think purchasing a Samsung Note 2 or Galaxy 4 which are doubled in the costing is no worth if we compare this phone with them. The phone is having 1.5 GHz Quad core processor and 2 GB Ram and lot more. Phone is running smoothly even if you are playing a heavy game but the battery of the phone is only last for a single day which is not a worry for me. If you are planning for a Android phone must purchase without hesitation about the specifications and phone features..its a best phone i have ever used.
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  • Awsome
    Sachin Bhardwaj on Flipkart
    Awesome ! Just fell in love as soon as I opened the Box. Forget about upgrades & stay with the smartest update always. Although there are miner cons because of the stock android ?. No quick icons for silent mode ? no flip to mute like features but this is what it is. There seems to be some battery issue it lasts about 1 & day of moderate use but I guess in Kit Kat update 4.4 we might witness more smoother & power efficient performance. I am really happy & thanks a lot Flipkart for speedy & safe delivery.
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    GOOGLE PHONE . U really like this phone, 24k best phone. best of phone of the year, 8mp 2gbram 16gb rom 4.85 inch dispaly. and gorilla glass2
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