Google outlines its plans to use .search as a 'dotless' top level domain

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Google outlines its plans to use .search as a 'dotless' top level domain

Google wants to control the .search top-level domain and turn it into a 'dotless' domain, according to a report by TechCrunch. Google had applied for the right to manage around a 100 top level domains including .blog, .search, .app and .cloud when ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) started the process of registering new generic top-level domain names, last year. Google had also applied for top level domains related to its brands and products like .google, .chrome, .android and .gmail.

As per the report, Google's Charleston Road Registry subsidiary has shared some specific plans with ICANN about the use of some of the top-level domains. In the letter it mentions that it intends to provide an easily-identifiable namespace for firms that provide search. It also intends to offer a redirect service on "dot less" .search domain that will allow users to specify their preference for search and use the service easily.

Google's Charleston Road Registry subsidiary in the letter says:

"search - Our goal for .search is to provide an easily-identifiable namespace for firms that provide search functionality and to allow Internet users a unique and simple mechanism to access the search functionality of their choice. Google intends to operate a redirect service on the "dotless" .search domain (http://search/) that, combined with a simple technical standard will allow a consistent query interface across firms that provide search functionality, and will enable users to easily conduct searches with firms that provide the search functionality that they designate as their preference. "

This could mean that if Google is assigned the responsibility for managing .search top level domain, it will allow users to choose their search preference when they go to http://search and they will be able to access their preferred searche service simply by keying-in 'search' in their address bar.

Google's letter also talks about the use of .app, .blog and .cloud TLD. It says that it intends to keep .app dedicated to application developers. It says it would not restrict it to a particular section of developers or to a particular platform.

Google also outlines its plans for .blog TLD. It says that users navigating to domains within the .blog TLD should reasonably expect to reach a blog when they access a .blog domain name and that it would aim to make it simple and easy for .blog registrants to associate their second-level domain with their blog on the blogging platform of their choice.

On .cloud TLDs, Google mentions that its goal is to create a clear association between .cloud names and projects hosted in cloud platforms.

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