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Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro smartphone with 6.47-inch 1080x2340 display powered by HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor alongside 8GB of RAM and 40-megapixel + 20-megapixel + 8-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Huawei P30 Pro
    Mihir Sharma (Apr 26, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    If you are looking to buy your next phone then place your bet on this latest Huawei phone the P30 Pro. I was an apple user and now very happy with Huawei P30 Pro. Superb looks and super fast processor, very satisfied.
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  • Huawei P30 Pro
    Abhishek Verma (Apr 26, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    This Huawei P30 Pro comes with huge storage space and features superb low light photo quality along with a 5X optical and 10X hybrid zoom.
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  • Awesome Product
    Sumit Kumar (Apr 26, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    What a class phone by Huawei,very good competitor
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  • Amazing Phone
    Rahul Gupta (Apr 26, 2019) on Gadgets 360
    I love this phone. Brutal battery time, giant display but compact size, small solid sized notch, the camera is unbeatable.
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  • Huawei P30 Pro
    mahinder singh (Apr 26, 2019) on Gadgets 360
    The camera here is incredible, the battery life superb and the design slick enough to help it stand out.
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  • Great Performance.
    Akash Agrawal (Apr 26, 2019) on Gadgets 360
    As far as performance concerned it is marvelous..batter life could be better
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  • P30 : Very Costly Phone
    Rajesh Garg (Apr 26, 2019) on Gadgets 360
    Such a costly phone from huawei. Configuration is good but user trust level really matters if buy a phone above 50K.
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  • Extraordinary photography Mobile
    gangadhar (Jul 19, 2019) on Amazon
    It's an a exta ordinary mobile go for it without any second thought. You will feel one on strongest camera in your pocket I have Canon 5d Mark IV which I HV purchased for Rs. 2.85 Lacs. And this mobile produced same quality photos. Now o has hardly used my bulky Lenses. Huawei P30 Pro is all-rounder. Thanks to manufacture who built Venus of mobile photography.
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  • Fabulous
    Rajeev JS (Jul 18, 2019) on Amazon
    A fabulous product
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  • Nice
    Amazon Customer (Jul 18, 2019) on Amazon
    Super mobil phone
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  • Awesome Camera
    Vinay Lakshman (Jul 17, 2019) on Amazon
    Best Android smartphone according to me
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  • Best performance
    Rudrapratap Roy (Jul 17, 2019) on Amazon
    Best performance among all other flagship mobiles in market in same price.
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  • Best android phone at present
    koushik das (Jul 17, 2019) on Amazon
    Excellent product. Camera quality is the best
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  • Exceedingly good👍
    bjreddy (Jul 15, 2019) on Amazon
    Exceedingly good👍
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  • Best android phone available in the market!!!
    Joy S. (Jul 19, 2019) on Amazon
    I've using iPhone for long time... After this came out I was very excited as the reviews were simply excellent!! I must say it has lived upto the expectations this a great phone performance is superb!! Till date the best camera phone!! You need to see to believe it! Guys if you are looking for a flagship device please go ahead with this you won't be disappointed!! It's value for money
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  • Over whelmingly surprised
    Janakiraman (Jul 19, 2019) on Amazon
    Fantastic piece of gadget to hold it for those who admires overall composition of feature rich mobile. And moreover those have DSLR and knows the trick to freeze the surrounding but somewhat lazy to buckle up the gear.., must have it once.
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  • X
    K.I.CHANDRAMOHAN. (Jul 14, 2019) on Amazon
    Very good
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  • Great phone by makers
    Amazon Customer (Jul 12, 2019) on Amazon
    Excellent I liked the camera and phone very much
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  • Best mobile phone
    Amazon Customer (Jul 11, 2019) on Amazon
    Best mobile phone among its rivals
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  • No need dslr
    sreekanth (Jul 7, 2019) on Amazon
    Good the best camera mobile ever seen
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  • The best mobile so far of 2019
    Mohit Bafna (Jul 7, 2019) on Amazon
    This product is simple awesome and it is the best mobile of 2019.... Be it battery life, camera, premium feel and color
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  • Excellent
    Harsha (Jul 6, 2019) on Amazon
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  • Worth the money and good quality
    Makarand (Jun 30, 2019) on Amazon
    It delivers what it promises Great Camera, Display, Fingerprint or face recognition. Speed is fast and more the space its good. Good for photography and movie watching experience is really good.
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  • Excellent phone
    Raktim Roychoudhury (Jun 30, 2019) on Amazon
    Excellent Battery life
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  • Best in the world.
    Amazon Customer (Jun 30, 2019) on Amazon
    Fabulous smartphone
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  • Awesome phone
    rishabh (Jun 29, 2019) on Amazon
    Great 👍
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  • Shandaar jaandaar zabarjust
    pawan (Jun 29, 2019) on Amazon
    Awesome phone better then iPhone I must say
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  • An Awesome Phone
    Hrushikesh Panda (Jun 29, 2019) on Amazon
    An awesome phone, a must buy. Camera quality and processor speed is something that makes it ahead of the race.
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  • Excellent phone with extraordinary features
    Waseem pasha (Jun 27, 2019) on Amazon
    Screen =oled is absolutely very nice (pls change your display setting to vivid for good colourful view)Battery =around about 1 and half day for heavy useCharging = this phone has a beast charger, only it takes nearly 45 to 50 minute for complete charge.Sound =dolby, excellent clarity +loudZoom= you will be become a fan of it..20 to 25 covers half km with maximum clarity. More than that its zoom wellCamera =its a mini DSLR, WOW I'M ADMIRED WITH THE CLARITY, DUAL MODE IS EXCELLENT. AR MEASURE IS AT NEXT LEVELMUST BUYNOW HUWAE ANNOUNCES DOORSTEP PICK UP FOR SERVICE
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    Senthil Rajan (Jun 16, 2019) on Amazon
    I keep changing my phones very often. I never got satisfied with a single phone including the S10 plus or iphone xs max or pixel 3 xl. Every phone was good at something but lacked elsewhere. This is the phone which after many many years made me settle in one phone. I will stay with it till mate 30 shows up 😁Of course as everyone says it has got the best camera so far in a smart phone. You have to try it to believe it. I like the zoom and night mode which is better than any phone I have tried but I was stubbed by the clarity at which it takes pictures. Really amazing. These days I take a ton of super macro pictures and I loved the light painting option. Haven't seen that before. The video mode has its own surprises. It has effects which are not seen in other phones. Effects like AI color which magically makes the background black and white leaving only the human subject in color without a mistake every time and back ground blur which blurs the back ground of the subject in a video and holds the blur even as you move around in a video is phenomenal.But camera is just one part of the story. The battery charges to a 100% in one hour and holds the charge for one and a half days. For battery junkies this phone is a must have. Many days my phone is still at 50% at the end of the day.Claorie counter is a cool way to impress your friends. Wireless projection gives desktop experience wirelessly on your tv by just using this phone. Then there is a wireless gameplay option which puts you directly inside a game. The phone uses the time of flight camera in it's back to ide tify the subject and mimics their actions in the game, which is really cool.The screen is Full HD+ but I never felt the need for a higher resolution. I understand huawei wanted this to be a battery champion and thought Full HD+ is good enough which I completely agree.Then there is emy, the huawei assistant which does only two things as far as I know. One is call somebody which is really accurate and really too fast and second one is if you mis places your phone and you are searching for your phone in the room, you can just say 'OK Emy, where are you' and she will make a sweet sound to let you know where she is.People usually say EMUI is not upto the mark. I also thought so in the beginning but I got used to it. Anyway I use Evie launcher Instead of the default launcher.Performance wise the phone is blazing fast with it's 7nm chipset of Kiron 980 and 8gb Ram. Never I felt a lag or experienced a crash. It's smooth as butter.The only thing which thought huawei could have done better is one - speakers. They could have given stereo speakers. I understand there is no earphone speaker because the phone uses cutting edge technology to vibrate the glass and produce Sound like the vivo nex, but I still feel stereo speakers would be better tha a single down firing speaker at the bottom. Second thing is I wish they have an option to switch between data connection right from the notification bar shortcuts. I keep moving between data connections in my dual sim setup. Every time I had to goto the settings to change the sim for data connection.Overall a phenomenal Product. I dont care about the drama played by America on huawei and the whole trade war thing. I bought my second p30 pro for my father after the ban imposed on huawei by USA and google told they won't support huawei in future. I really don't care. The phone is an absolute beast and best today and will take me into 2020 and beyond for my father without any problems. There are so many features hidden for you to discover and enjoy. So it feels like new everyday. Great Job Huawei. Looking forward for mate 30 pro in October.
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