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Honor 6

Honor 6 smartphone with 5.00-inch 1080x1920 display powered by Hi Silicon Kirin 920 processor alongside 3GB of RAM and 13-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Really, worth the money.
    Gokul Rangan (Oct 12, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    I bought this phone very recently. I try and use most of my devices to optimum level and push them to their extreme levels to test their performance. This Huawei Honor 6 wouldn't just give up. Performance was really impressive. 1. Battery is 3100mAh, not 300mAh. 2. Honor 6 has Emotion UI which is incredibly awesome and which is fused with Android KitKat; user interface feels very easy and handy. 3. Honor 6 has 1.3GHz Octa-Core Krin 920 processor which is known to challenge Snapdragon. With all these impressive features, you can buy it for ?19,999/- which is awesome. I'd suggest everybody to buy this phone. Believe me, you definitely won't regret it.
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  • Asian Monster - Multimedia Doer
    Heri Susanto (Sep 7, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    I bought the Chinese version of this 'monster'. I like the feeling of holding this, such a real-feel to hold a big version of iPhone. 'engine' wise, this phone is awesome, especially for its fast camera shutter plus its wide lens. internet connection is also awesome. however, the non-Chinese users will have a pretty much difficulty to set the google aps for the very first time. other issue is the features, too many common features yet a unique fr this phone. music is awesome, especially when combined with good player like poweramp. suggest to own by them who love multi media rather than office performance. Need a slight of improvement to catch up another asian players, especially the rising china phone maker.
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  • Huawei Honor 6
    chathura nishad (Apr 28, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    good Rate Huawei Honor 6
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  • Awesome phone
    Amit Bhatia (Nov 13, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Considering specs and pricing the handset is quite good in decent price range available here in India. coupled with the seller option of EMI and Exchange offer its stands as value for money. Its sturdy style and long lasting battery with 3GB RAM score a huge plus point as per other handsets available in India in this price range. Here is my personal review athttp://abhatia.net/huawei-honor-6-review/
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  • That's awesome products,
    Marina Nalitova (Oct 30, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    The Huawei honor 6 is very great. i have arlready bought it from http://goo.gl/AHH0R4.This phone is a good choice for you!
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  • Worth Buying
    Pradeepan M (Jun 29, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    Hi Folks, There was issue with contact loading earlier, after the new OS update it works cool... No issues at all.. The ultra speed phone for this price..
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  • Mocking of Mobile phone
    Sanmay Satpathy (Jun 4, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    I suggest to customers not to purchase this mobile set or any other mobile set from huawei . Initially I was very happy with the performance of the phone. But after 6 months the performance drastically deteriorated. It has some problem with its OS for which the contacts in the contacts app will not appear. At times it will get heated up and it will seize to function. At other forums I have even heard of problem like switching on and off in loop after charging. Guys this is not at all a reliable phone. Even I have seen similar problems with Honor 4x too. So do not purchase huawei products if you do not want headaches. I am really fed up with this mobile.
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  • Fabulous Smart Phone - Go for Honor 6.
    Vetukuri Prabhakara Raju (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    Probably the best smartphone for the price with so many features packed in. It is better than some more expensive phones of up to 30 K price range. Ease of operation, fantastic response, high power battery, 4G support, 3 GB RAM, Expandable memory, powerful processor. Good for a long time to come. I bought honor 6 for my son and was so surprised that he likes it so much. He is very informative and highly technical and doesn't like anything unless really worth. Already upgraded to UI 3.0 and it feels great kitkat works great, no lag, no hanging and no issues. I am so impressed that I bought my second piece of Honor 6 just last week..
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  • An Honor to own the Honor 6
    Deepak Shankar R (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    Its been two weeks with the Huawei Honor 6 and the experience has so far been outstanding. I would like to go into the performance of the device without much ado. Design and Looks - The phone bears resemblance to the iPhone 5 in some areas. Phone looks good, weighs just 130g, easy to carry around. Phone sure looks good doesnt feel cheap as was reported in some reviews. It however lacks grip and may slip, buying a case would be a good idea. Display - So crisp a display havent seen in any phones yet. Even the Screen quality in the Screen saving mode is amazing that u barely feel that its running on non-HD mode. The Auto brightness setting works well and sensitive enough. Interface - EMUI 2.3 is good but without the App Drawer doesnt feel reassuring. The interface is butter smooth, no lag experienced. The lock screen is a treat for the eyes and Huawei updates the pictures regularly. Best lock screen ever. Call quality - I was using a Micromax Unite 2 before buying this, I can really feel the much improved voice quality of the Honor 6. Voice clarity is amazing, never heard anything better from a mobile phone. The phone picks up signal well, no issues at all. Internet - 3G experience has been very satisfying and WiFi performance was very good, gets good signal even far away from WiFi router. Stock browser is good and Chrome works well too, need for another browser not felt. Gaming - Played Asphalt 6 and the game runs smoothly even in the highest resolution setting. The acceerometer is very sensitive and makes gaming a delight Battery - On a full charge, the phone can last a full day even with heavy usage. You can easiliy make the phone battery last for two days with 3G always on, provided you dont play any game or stream long videos. The charger provided (2A charger) is very good and charges the device to 100% from zero in less than a hour and half. Battery life is good Heating - The only drawback I felt was that the phone heats up just five minutes into playing a game. Even not so graphic intensive game like Fruit Ninja heats up the phone in about 10 minutes of game play. No heating issue observed in non gaming usage though. Camera - The camera is nice takes good quality snaps. Cant expect anything more. Memory- The entire available memory (nearly 11 GB) on the device can be used for Apps, so install any number of Apps. 3 GB of ram is more than enough for the device. Conclusion - Huawei Honor 6 is a very good value for money option. For 17,650 this phone packs quite a lot. The only concern is the absence of Huawei Service centres in small cities.
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  • Awasome phone
    Pankil Doshi (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    I bought this new phone and very very happy with new Honor 6 Phone. For old phone buyback, flipkart has offered best and unbeaten offer..!! Very very Happy...!!
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  • Perfect Mid Range Phone
    Jayasurya Pillai (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    have been using the phone for the past one week. Beats very flagship phone out there. Perfoormance is blazingly fast, even in the power saving mode. Beautiful display, Sleek, Lightweight, Marathon Battery and a great looker. What else do you want? If you have any doubts, go to youtube and watch the numerous reviews on there to convince yourself that this is the best phone to buy. Go for It!
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  • goood
    perumal s (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    really good phone.. ......................................... amazing phone .....................................................................................
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  • I'm just loving it!
    Jeshuran Paul (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    If you are thinking to buy this phone, go for it! Everything the phone promises, it delivers. In love with it! Performance- 3GB RAM! I mean come one! No lags faced yet. All the high definition games I've played on it works on it perfectly fine :) I've checked out games like NOVA, Modern Combat, Fifa 15 and other high definition CPU hungry games. Everything works out perfectly fine The big pro I've is the battery life. The phone will definitely last for 1 day on normal use. And yes by normal use I mean having your Wi-Fi switched on for the entire day! The only concern for me is that the battery is non-replaceable and thus when the battery eventually dies, the phone would be rendered useless. P.S- The phones which are being sold in India are SINGLE SIM. Regards, A happy customer.
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  • simply superb
    imrankhan pathan (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    i am used it for one month. amazing performance , battery backup , camera everything is perfect . i just love it.the only problem is it doesn't have headset.
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  • Excellent Phone!
    Rajesh B (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    Awesome Phone with Killer Specs! Super smooth Eye feast display! Super fast OctaCore 3GB Ram! Thanks Huawei for this best feature phone @ moderate price tag! Way to Go!
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  • Amazing!!!
    Anirudh Nelabhotla (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    Wonderful phone with great camera and performance. Must buy phone in this range competitive to OnePlus One and Mi4.
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  • Great product
    Aadil Hussain (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    This is great product ever. Huawei is one of the best economic and best value product manufacturing company. It is high end mobile with great facility. No other company provide the same configuration, same high quality product in this price. Awesome product.
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  • Superb phone
    Vashistha DP (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    There is no match for this phone in the market. Its excellent in all departments. Beautiful display, slim, good camera , everything good
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  • One heck of a product for it's price!
    Shri Ganesh KB (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    I bought this phone just for the kicks of it's price! A 3GB RAM phone can't get any cheaper! They are even cheaper than Xiaomi! Hey even Mi4 doesn't have an SD card slot, but this one has. A dual SIM phone would have been better. But that model isn't available in Flipkart anymore. 3 GB RAM, 13 MP fast camera, descent CPU. A reasonably powerful hardware. But I am impressed with the software too. The launcher is like Xiaomi's home. No app drawer. But it's no big deal. The following are the impressive software customizations: 1) Emui launcher, which is fast and fluid. Not bloatware. 2) Bootloader can be unlocked and is supported officially. Phone can be rooted easily. 3) The IR blaster has a receiver too! It can learn all codes from your existing remote. 4) Has built in firewall. 5) Represents app's usage in terms of power consumption (mah) 6) Very fast camera App. Takes only 0.5s to 0.7s to snap a photo (only in internal memory). I've a class 10 SD card, but guess even that isn't as fast as internal NAND. If storage is set to SD card, camera takes about 1.0s to 1.3s to snap a pic @ full 13MP. Overall build of the device is very snug and slim bezels. Like it very much!
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  • Excellent High End Spec Phone at Very Reasonable Prices
    Nitin Kakkar (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    This phone has everything going for it be it core Hardware specifications (i.e. Microprocessor, RAM, Storage), add on features (Camera is fantastic!), and Performance (3 GB of RAM is a killer!) Looks wise is a very close imitation of iphone brethren so leaves one happy there as well. Does not have a metallic body but the plastic body given here is of high quality as well The final killer is the price you pay...at its current price it is even better than its brother Xiaomi Mi4 in the Indian market Overall a superb value for money buy at the moment in India!
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  • Worth your time and Money- I promise
    Ashish Solanki (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    So basically I bought this phone after taking advice from a lot of friends who suggested me to either take Mi 4 or Lenovo X2 or the like. I had a great feeling about this phone and took the leap of faith. This phone is fabulous !! Here are some features which will make you not think at all and directly buy it- 1.) 3 GB ram, 16 GB Internal memory and slot for a memory card upto 64 GB- This means your phone ALWAYS runs super fast and you're never out of memory. I downloaded some of the heaviest files and games such as Asphalt 8, Arkham Origins, Etc and it plays them smoothly 2.) 5 MP front and 13 MP rear camera and a 'Mirror' feature- The camera is not just high in resolution but the photos too are really great and of complete HD resolution- You see the clarity upto so many times 3.) Very compatible and easy to use interface- The heading says it all. Summation- Definitely go for it. Definitely over Xaomi Redmi Note 4g if you can afford it :)
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  • The Best Phone at an awesome price
    Joyal Thomas (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    slapping all the branded phones ...huawei has been successful in getting another phone with best specs to offer at a very affordable price.I recently happend to purchase this phone...im not at all dissappointed with it.This phone is much much better than any other phone you can compare. Cons: 1.Brand name might not be that big but trust me that really doesnt matter.Huawei is soon goin to hit the market with brand name too. 2.A very slight heating up off battery was felt,but now not at all. dont think too much just get it!
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  • Display resolution is incorrect
    Dipin Divakaran (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    I've got my phone last week. Overall performance is good. As per specification, display resolution should be 1920 x 1080 Pixels but as per the phone settings (Setting ->about phone -) resolution shown is 720 x 1280 pixels. This is worrisome and annoying. ********************************************************************************************************* My apologies, in fact this is a feature to reduce screen resolution and improve battery life if you dont need HD quality. Its great phone!
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  • Nice smoth experience
    Pravas Ranjan Panda (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    I am using this phone from last December. So far the phone is working flawless. It has a good battery backup and the interface is running smooth. Very much satisfied with this phone.
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  • Review after 2 months
    Thiru (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    Cheap and best flagship available at the moment. Had no issues with the device till now. Completely satisfied with honor's performance.
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  • The One and only flagship ever!!!
    Pradeep Padhi (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    Huawei u won my heart... Phone works very smooth .. no lag.. no issues with battery life..:) thanks to Huawei for creating such a nice phone under 20k.... Display,sound,processing,body form, best from the best. only thing which i expected was a Headset :( ... atleast u could have included in box... 20k is not a small amount... any ways i order 2 phones.... one more thing...(this words is from dil se) the cheater samsung u r the one of the great loser in this world....atleast stop fooling customer now.. ate my 38000/- in many phn upgrades...
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  • Cool ..
    Chandan Kabat (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    1. Touch super cool after iPhone 2. Speed 3 GB RAM again cool. 3. Screen IPS or what ever pic quality cool. 4. Size and look cool.
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  • superb
    Anil Kansagra (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    FENTASTIC SOME PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT BRAND OF HUAWEI smart design, good look, power full long life battery, better perfom in this price in some other brand more than 30000 rupees
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  • good
    Rahul Shinde (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    front camera equivalent to 2mp of lumia and rear as well Lumias 8mp is suffi.... buy lumia............... touch is smooth............................................................................................
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  • Whatta Mobile
    SriBalaje Murugesan (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    After 2 months of review, I decided to buy this as configuration & price fits to me. Believe me, I have been using this for 2 months and it never even got crashed/Auto rebooted. I have used Samsung s3(Slowest phone), Nexus 5 but this really rocks. Performance is good, Battery backup is good(much better than nexus 5) and equal to Samsung s3. Overall I am totally satisfied for this price range.
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