PUBG Removes Map Markers in Response to Outcry From Pro Gamers

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PUBG Removes Map Markers in Response to Outcry From Pro Gamers


  • Map markers introduced last week
  • Pro gamers not in favour of the feature
  • Would have helped newcomers though

PUBG Corp. has removed the option to place map markers in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds after the feature ran into controversy with the game’s top players, it announced as part of the update notes for the upcoming patch 19 for the game’s PC version.

In an update to its developer post on Tuesday, PUBG Corp. put the ability to “place map markers without opening the map” under the “Removed from UI/UX” column without citing any reason. It was rolled out to test servers as part of patch 19, which was set to roll out to live servers later on Tuesday, but the team changed their mind at the last minute.

That’s likely due to the poor reception it had received since its announcement last week, with the biggest PUBG game streams and professional players voicing concerns over how map markers would make it easier to spot enemies. PUBG maps are known for being complex.

Its introduction in the first place likely stemmed from PUBG Corp.’s wish to lower the entry barrier for newcomers to the game but the pro gamers seem to have won this round.

PUBG patch 19 for PC adds dynamic weather to its maps, brings in some fixes to the frame rate, and a host of quality of life fixes such as an updated UI that makes splitting ammo easier as well. Developer PUBG Corp. claims to have improved frame rate by optimising weapons not held in hand in addition to enhanced level streaming, smoke effects, as well as fixing an issue when frame rate nosedives when environmental effects were created. In addition to this, network code has been modified to allow for better server performance, that could lead to less lag.

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