PlayStation 4 prototype controller image leaks online

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PlayStation 4 prototype controller image leaks online
Sony is pretty close to announcing the successor to its PlayStation console. Until then, here's something that might just grab your attention. An image of what appears to be a prototype of the next generation PlayStation controller has appeared on Destructoid.

The controller in the image features two analog sticks that seem a bit further apart from each other and also look a bit different from the existing PS3 controller. The traditional cross, circle, triangle and square buttons can be seen on the right along with a new D-Pad on the right.

What draws interest is the glowing blue light on top that is likely to concern Sony's Move controller, an empty space in the middle, where the Start and Select buttons were usually located and also a button close to the D-Pad, situated at its top right corner. The controller is connected to what one would assume to be a PlayStation 4 dev kit.

The speaker holes are located just below what seems like a touch pad. Going further down is the unique PS button and and also a very mysterious port.

Though many would question the authenticity of the image, Kotaku reports that an "industry source familiar with the new system claims the photo is the real deal".  But it also cautions users to keep in mind that this is just a prototype and the final controller may look different.

It goes on to say that the touch-pad on the front of the controller will be a two-point multi-touch capable "pad", similar to the one found on the back of the Vita. It can also be clicked for an additional input.

Kotaku isn't the only one though. IGN's "trusted source" also seems to acknowledge the reality of the prototype, saying "it is likely to change between now and when the console launches."

Additional information coming from another IGN source suggests that the "R2 and L2 shoulder buttons may actually be more in line with spring-loaded Xbox 360-like triggers" and that the blue light atop the controller is indeed a PlayStation Move sensor. The source also reveals that the space in the middle of the controller can be pressed like a button, similar to what Kotaku reported.

IGN continues to question the tiny, mystery button above and to the right of the D-pad. It could be the share button or the Start and Select buttons that are nowhere to be seen in this version.

Upon inquiring from Sony, both sites received a standard responses stating, "We can't comment on rumours or speculation." Sony is expected to host an event on February 20 in New York where it's likely to announce the next generation PlayStation console.

Image Courtesy: Destructoid

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