Spider-Man PS4 Story Explained - What Really Happened

Spider-Man PS4 Story Explained - What Really Happened
  • Spider-Man takes some liberties with the comic's lore
  • It sets up an interesting series of events
  • The PS4 exclusive features cameos from established super villains

In our Spider-Man PS4 review, we stated that it is the best superhero game ever. From its expertly crafted open world to the nuanced combat, there's a lot to love about Spider-Man. This extends to the game's story which has enough even for long-time fans of the franchise. There's a host of surprises, plot twists, and of course, nods to the web slinger's legacy. With the Spider-Man PS4 game length clocking in at around 30 hours, and a lot more of you decide to finish everything it has to offer, you're never quite far from a revelation, no matter how big or small, that impacts the game's lore.

A word of warning here - if you haven’t played the game, we highly recommend you play it first before going any further, unless you’re fine with spoiling the experience for yourself. If the title didn’t give it away, there will be spoilers galore for Spider-Man PS4 from here on out. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Otto Octavius is Peter Parker's boss and mentor
Unlike previous incarnations of Spider-Man, this one has him working with Otto Octavius instead of being a reporter for the Daily Bugle. Octavius is a scientist on the verge of a major breakthrough in prosthetics technology with Parker assisting him. Early on, Octavius is under the impression that Parker's tardiness is due to him aiding Spider-Man with his suit. On confronting Parker with this, he suggests modifications to Spider-Man's gear to help him through the game.

Octavius also has history with Norman Osborn, mayor of New York City and CEO-Founder of Oscorp, a mega corporation with interests in electricity to water supply to cutting edge technologies and medical research. Oscorp was founded by Octavius and Osborn. Octavius left Oscorp on disagreeing with Osborn's stance on genetic research. Speaking of which...

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Devil's Breath in Spider-Man was meant to be a cure for Harry Osborn
Devil's Breath is a bio-weapon that sits at the crux of the game's story. Super villain Mister Negative wants to unleash it on New York City. It's being developed by Oscorp in a top secret facility. However it was not meant to be used in such a manner. Rather, Devil's Breath was being developed as a cure for Peter Parker's longtime friend, Harry Osborn. But it turned out being fatal to everyone else as it could turn its host into a contagion.

In Spider-Man for PS4, Peter Parker's longtime friend Harry Osborn's role is reduced to voicemails present in research labs that pepper New York City. He's in Europe on holiday. As you progress through the game, you realise that he's suffering from a rare degenerative disease and has gone to Europe for treatment to stem the tide at the behest of his father until Devil's Breath was perfected.


Martin Li is Mister Negative and was a Devil's Breath test subject
Martin Li runs Feast, a collection of homeless shelters in New York City. Parker's Aunt May works with him, sorting out the day to day operations of Feast. Prior to this, Li was a test subject for Devil's Breath that resulted in him getting his powers and him inadvertently killing his parents. He harbours a grudge for Oscorp and Norman Osborn who green-lit these experiments, launching mass bombings across the city during the week of Osborn's reelection. After Li is apprehended by Spider-Man, his arrival at Raft, the city's a high-security prison results in other super villains such as Scorpion, Rhino, Electro, and Vulture escaping. Along with Li himself they form the Sinister Six. Eventually, Devil's Breath is unleashed on New York City causing the death of thousands of citizens.

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Spider-Man PS4 ending: Devil's Breath cured
A cure for Devil's Breath is created thanks to Norman Osborn, although he resigns from his position as mayor in disgrace. This is because Oscorp's involvement in its creation was made public by Daily Bugle reporter and Spider-Man ally, Mary Jane. After a prolonged battle across the city, the Sinister Six are defeated and safely behind bars, making for an interesting set up for a sequel.

Tombstone tries to create an army of indestructible bikers
Long-time Spider-Man villain Tombstone has a cameo in the game's main story as a machine shop owner entrusted by Mister Negative to build an armoured personnel carrier for his goons. Tombstone is known to be a super villain who is indestructible due to exposure to powerful chemicals, so much so that bullet shots to the head have no impact. Activating a side-quest has you discovering that Tombstone was able to reverse-engineer his condition and package its effects in inhalers that are sold to bikers who you square off against.

What's more, you end up crafting a counter-serum that you use on Tombstone to negate his powers. This leaves him vulnerable to attack, allowing for an easy battle that ends with Tombstone relishing his new found mortality on the way to prison. Perhaps there's more to Tombstone that we could see in some of the game's upcoming DLC.

What did you think of Spider-Man for PS4? Let us know via the comments.


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