PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus Subscriptions: Are They Worth It?

PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus Subscriptions: Are They Worth It?
  • UC or Unknown Cash is PUBG Mobile's premium currency
  • You can't earn UC while playing
  • This makes these subscriptions attractive, but only on paper

PUBG Mobile added Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions last week. Tencent has taken inspiration from the likes of Warframe rather than PUBG's PC and console counterparts with subscription systems that promise a ton of gear, crates, and more. But are they any good? We take a dive into the PUBG Mobile store for Android and iOS to find out what Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions promise, what you get, and if they're worth buying right now.

What are PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions?

With PUBG Mobile Prime you get 5UC or Unknown Cash daily per day for a month. This gives you a total of 150 UC. You also get the ability to buy specific items with Battle Points or BP. Keep in mind that these items can be used for a limited time, either 7 or 30 days depending on the item. PUBG Mobile Prime costs Rs. 79 per month on iOS and Rs. 85 per month on Android.

As for the PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription, you get 20 UC daily for a total of 600UC at the end of the month. Like the Prime subscription, you can buy items with BP. In addition to seven and 30 day purchases, you can also buy permanent items too. Plus, you earn 10RP or Royale Points as well. At the end of the month the total of 300RP is enough to get you two royale crates.

Also, there's a discount on the first classic crate you buy each day, making it 60UC instead of 120UC. Finally, buying the Prime Plus subscription gets you an advanced room card, 300UC, a classic coupon and a PUBG Premium coupon. The coupons allow you to get one classic crate and one PUBG premium crate, both of which contain an assortment of randomised cosmetic items. You also get daily discounts on different items as well.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus is priced at Rs. 390 for the first month and Rs. 850 per month after that on Android, and Rs. 799 per month on iOS.


PUBG Prime vs Prime Plus vs buying UC from PUBG Store

It's important to note that none of these offer any gameplay advantages. So if you're expecting to magically turn into a chicken dinner winning beast suddenly moving from bronze to ace or conquerer tier, think again.

Every item you can buy in PUBG Mobile is cosmetic and items in those crates you can get with PUBG Prime Plus (or anywhere in-game) are randomised, which means it's upto luck in terms of what you're getting.

You could make a case if you believe that good is as important as winning to you, even then there are problems aplenty. Reason being, if looking good in PUBG is important, you'll need UC. UC gets you a lot of the game's rare item sets and it's a premium currency. 60UC is Rs. 79, 300UC is Rs. 420, 600 UC is Rs. 799, 1500 UC is Rs. 1,949, 3,000 UC is Rs. 3,999, and 6000 UC is Rs. 7,900.

Due to the way UC is priced, these subscriptions might seem like decent deals. Especially the Prime Plus subscription that gives you 900UC after a month, which works out to Rs. 1,219 if bought via the PUBG Store separately. It makes the first month promo an absolute steal.

However after that, the Rs. 850 monthly price seems steep in comparison when you consider that you'll need to login daily. This means that if you aren't playing PUBG Mobile on a given day or at the very least, logging in, you won't get any new gear that you paid for. You can buy both Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions as well and claim benefits of both. On paper, even the Prime subscription makes sense when you consider the price of UC bought a la carte.

This is before you look at the cost of the gear itself. A desert ranger set for example, would set you back by 1080UC or around 59,000 BP while limited time skins like the one star chef or racer will set you back by 900UC. While buying either subscription or UC outright are options, the high price of items makes it tough to justify unless of course, you really, absolutely need to look good.

This could be alleviated if the leaked BP to UC conversion option was brought into the game. According to past leaks, this would allow users to convert 5000BP to 500UC, which is not too bad as it's easy to earn BP as you keep playing. This feature was tested on specific servers but hasn't made it into the game proper.


Should you buy PUBG Mobile Prime or Prime Plus subscriptions

In a word, no. The way the PUBG Mobile market is designed makes UC rarer and more expensive than it should be. Sure, this is a free-to-play game after all with no restrictions on play time, but considering how pricey skins for your character and weapons are, there's little reason to bother if you're the sort who plays PUBG Mobile casually.

For hardcore fans who login daily and want to show off the latest and greatest, there's some value in the Prime Plus subscription only for the first month due to the low promo price. After that, it's a tough sell until you're allowed to convert BP to UC or get a guarantee on what you get in its crates. All in all, you're better off buying what you want when you want separately. Perhaps Tencent will fix these issues soon enough, but for now we'd suggest avoiding both Prime and Prime Plus.

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