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  • FIFA 18, PES 2018, Destiny 2, Dishonored, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, and Other Games Releasing This September

FIFA 18, PES 2018, Destiny 2, Dishonored, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, and Other Games Releasing This September

FIFA 18, PES 2018, Destiny 2, Dishonored, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite,  and Other Games Releasing This September
  • Both FIFA 18 and PES 2018 release in September
  • Destiny 2 releases only on consoles
  • Project Cars 2 features 182 cars from 38 manufacturers

It's the start of the peak gaming season of 2017, and with it come a barrage of AAA titles that make the year-end so worth it. No matter what your gaming platform of choice is, there's something for you on this list. Here are all the biggest game releases that are coming this September, for PC and consoles.

This month's got a lot of big releases including some extremely popular sports games, one of the most anticipated shooters of the year, and some great exclusives too, for both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Let's start with one of India's favourite games.



EA Sports is following a leave no-platform-behind policy when it comes to its front-runner. FIFA 18 is the second game in the franchise to use EA's gorgeous Frostbite 3 engine, and also continue last year's story mode with "The Journey: Hunter Returns". Of course all this can be experienced only on the newer consoles and PC, since PS3 and Xbox 360 will only be getting updated kits and rosters in their edition. That said, India is getting a FIFA 18 PS4 and PS4 Pro bundle as well. And though the Nintendo Switch has not officially launched in the country, we will be getting the Switch version of the game too.

FIFA 18 release date: September 29
FIFA 18 platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360
FIFA 18 price: Rs. 3,999 on all platforms ($59.99 in the US)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

PES 2018 gets a jump on its rival by releasing earlier in the month, which is great gloating ammo for PES loyalists as well. There’s also a demo version of the game out so you have the good old option to try before you buy. Konami also announced pre-order bonus content for digital downloads and physical disc versions of the game, which gives you another reason to try out the demo. We did try the online multiplayer beta in July, and you can check out our impressions in the video below.

PES 2018 release date: September 14
PES 2018 platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360
PES 2018 price: Rs. 3,499 on consoles, TBA for PC ($59.99 in the US)

Destiny 2

PC Gamers will have to wait a bit longer for Destiny 2, as it’s only set to release on consoles this month. The online multiplayer first-person shooter comes with a comprehensive single player campaign as well this time, and if the open beta was any indication, it's a lot better than what we've seen before from Destiny. As you can expect, the game will feature multiple PvP and PvE modes including Strikes, Raids, and Crucible. It will also feature an improved matchmaking system dubbed as "Guided Games", which lets you search for clans who need additional players for missions.

Destiny 2 release date: September 6
Destiny 2 platforms: PS4, Xbox One
Destiny 2 price: Rs. 4,199 on consoles ($59.99 in the US)


Believe it or not, this cartoon platform is one of the most interesting Xbox-exclusive games this year. Reminiscent of the 1930’s Disney cartoons in its presentation, the game is deceptively challenging, as the cup-headed protagonist ventures to pay the devil his dues. With around 30 bosses and a huge variety of levels to boast, Cuphead may be one of the most notable releases this year.


Cuphead release date: September 29
Cuphead platforms: PC, Xbox One
Cuphead price: Rs. 1,324 (digital) on both ($20 in the US)

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Can't get enough of Dishonored? Neither can Bethesda, which is why it's launching a new standalone DLC in the series. In Death of the Outsider you take control of the supernatural assassin, Billie Lurk, who reunites with Daud to pull off the greatest assassination. Of course you can take stealth as your approach or go all out brutal on anyone who stands in your way.


Dishonored: Death of the Outsider release date: September 15
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider price: Rs. 1,799 across platforms ($29.99 in the US)

Project Cars 2

Ever wonder why PC gamers don't care that much about Gran Turismo? Project Cars is single-handedly responsible for that. The crowd-funded sequel features 182 cars from 38 manufacturers across car classes. It also has the biggest track roster of 46 tracks and 121 layouts, the majority of which includes laser scanned circuits. Weather conditions, seasons, realistic physics, VR support - it's all here. It even boasts a 12K texture resolution to span across multiple monitors.


Project Cars 2 release date: September 22
Project Cars 2 platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Project Cars 2 price: Rs. 2,489 on PC, TBA for consoles ($49.79 in the US)

Knack II

The original Knack was a PS4 launch title but it didn’t do the console any favours. That’s a thing of the past though, says Sony as it has built Knack II from ground-up to make it a much better action platforming experience. And Sony has added two-player co-op as well. The game also impresses technically, showing off PS4’s particle effects-pushing capabilities, and if you have a PS4 Pro, you can run it at 60fps on Full-HD, or push it to 4K if your TV supports it.


Knack II release date: September 5
Knack II platforms: PS4
Knack II price: Rs. 2,750 ($39.99 in the US)

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom is back and this time it comes with a robust story mode and a roster to match. Infinite has cut down the franchise's legendary three-on-three battle format to two-on-two, but now instead of character assists, it allows you to switch between characters between its combos. Marvel fans who were feeling left out by the success of Injustice 2, your day has finally come!


Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite release date: September 19
Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite price: Rs. 3,499 ($59.99 in the US)

Total War: Warhammer 2

Total War took on the Warhammer universe last year and the result was brilliant. This year, developer Creative Assembly has upped the game with new races including Lizardmen, High Elves, Dark Elves and Skaven. If you've happened to play the first game in the series, you will have the same races unlocked for multiplayer in the sequel along with a grand campaign map spanning both the games' campaign maps.


Total War: Warhammer 2 release date: September 29
Total War: Warhammer 2 platforms: PC
Total War: Warhammer 2 price: Rs. 1,999 ($59.99 in the US)

This isn’t all either, if you’re using PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, here’s what you can play this month.

Games for PlayStation Plus - September 2017

  • inFamous: Second Son (PS4)
  • Strike Vector Ex (PS4)
  • Truck Racer (PS3)
  • Handball 2016 (PS3)
  • We Are Doomed (PS Vita, PS4)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend (PS Vita, PS4)

Games for Xbox Live Gold - September 2017

  • Forza Motorsport 5: Racing Game of the Year Edition (Xbox One)
  • Oxenfree (Xbox One, September 16 to October 15)
  • Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Xbox 360, September 1 to September 15)
  • Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360, September 16 to September 30)

What are you playing this September? Let us know via the comments.


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