8bit Ninja: App Review

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8bit Ninja: App Review


  • Don a ninja avatar and be known as the fruit slayer in 8bit Ninja, a gaming app from Dogbyte games.
If you thought that Fruit Ninja provoked your ninja skills by merely slicing and dicing, then here's a game that lets you don the ninja avatar on screen.

8bit Ninja, developed by Dogbyte games is very addictive with great pixel-art graphics that makes you nostalgic of the era when games were solely cartridge-based.

The story line is simple. Your character's called 8bit Ninja, who has accepted a challenge in a tournament. When the ninja fails to impress the crowds, all hell breaks loose, as they start showering you with massive melons, coconuts, oranges and limes . Your task is to intelligently dodge these fruits.

IMG_0203.jpgThe controls are simple. Dashing back and forth in an attempt to avoid the falling fruits is made simple (simple: repetition) through tilt or touch options from the menu. However, you're better off sticking with the touch option since a single miscalculated step means you have to start all over again. While you're at it, power-ups just fall from the top of the screen that give you everything from fruit slaying weapons to protective shields as well as XPs to level up.

Levelling up also involves collecting coins and premium dragon eggs. You can then use them in the Shop to upgrade your weapons, unlock new arenas, enhance shield protection, unlock 3 more ninjas with unique capabilities and gain more XP bonuses. The dragon eggs are quite difficult to earn. So make sure you use them wisely.

8bit Ninja has the option to mix any three power-ups for a level. You can swap these accordingly to suit your playing style. Other weapons include landmine, rocket and spinner blade which are all useful in their own way. Another really cool feature is a hidden Retro mode which is accessible by a two finger horizontal swipe on the screen. The pixel-art graphics go black and white in this mode.

IMG_0206.jpgThe dodges in the game really test your reflexes as you constantly feel the urge to challenge yourself. You have the opportunity to fill up your treasure chest with coins and XPs that rain upon you generously in each level.

Like I mentioned earlier, new stages and ninjas remained locked and require you to earn those premium dragon eggs. You do have the option of in-app purchases but those who wouldn't want to shell out extra cash, will feel stuck with the same options unless they try really hard to get further in the game.

Nevertheless, 8bit Ninja is sure to become your latest iOS addiction. It is fast, extremely fun and to top it all, it's free. This one is highly recommended.

8bit Ninja (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Free - Reviewed here)
8bit Ninja (Google Play, Free)

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