Grab Is Hiring in Bengaluru: A New Player Enters the Game?

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Grab Is Hiring in Bengaluru: A New Player Enters the Game?


  • Grab is the biggest ride hailing app in Singapore
  • It is active in other Southeast Asian countries too
  • Grab is now looking to hire engineers in Bengaluru

The ride-hailing wars have been a complicated battleground in India for quite some time now. Uber and Ola have fought tooth and nail for years now to be number one, and after Uber withdrew from China, it looked like things would get tricky for the Indian company. To compete, both companies have had to offer very cheap fares, and they've kept drivers on board with large incentives.

The latter is getting scaled down though, and this has led to strikes in Delhi, in Bengaluru, and now, there might a fresh challenge for the companies to face. Grab, which calls itself Southeast Asia's leading ride-hailing platform, might be making an entry into the country as well.

We don't know that for certain as of now, but a post from the company's career's page shows that it is actively looking to hire a lot of people in Bengaluru. Grab currently has offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and the USA. Hiring in India would be an unusual move, unless the company is planning on setting up operations here.

It's worth noting though that the jobs listed are all for developers - literally every job that's listed includes the word 'engineer'. This could imply that Grab is looking to hire people to build an R&D centre in India, where costs (including infrastructure) may be lower.

Gadgets 360 reached out to Grab to find out more about what the ongoing hiring is for, but as of now, the company had no further comment to offer, beyond reiterating that yes, it is holding a hiring marathon in Bengaluru in March.

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