Firefox 35 Launched With Improved Sharing, Marketplace Beta, and More

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Firefox 35 Launched With Improved Sharing, Marketplace Beta, and More

Mozilla on Tuesday launched the 35th iteration of its Firefox Web browser for Android, Mac, Linux and Windows platforms, soon after the launch of Firefox 34 last month. The new Firefox browser features several new functionalities including Firefox Hello conversations, mp4 file playback on Mac and more.

The desktop version of Firefox 35 now brings a more simplified Firefox Hello call process, reducing the number of steps required to make a call. After clicking on the Hello button in the menu bar or customisation panel, users can now click on the 'Start a conversation' button to invite someone for a video call. Users can navigate away to other webpages while waiting for the second party to join the conversation, and will be alerted by audio alert when this happens. Users can now also save and label conversations so that they can quickly made the same call again in the future. Details can be found on Mozilla's official blog post.

Firefox 35 for desktop operating systems now also features a Firefox Marketplace. The service, which is under Beta mode for desktops, was already available in Firefox OS and Firefox for Android. The company is currently asking users to test Web apps on Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

The browser also comes with a new sharing button, with the ability to directly share the webpage the user is on to accounts on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+. To add the functionality, users will need to visit the Share Activation page, and select the social networks they desire.

All of the aforementioned features (Firefox Hello, Firefox Marketplace, and sharing integration) are now available in the Firefox toolbar or in Customize Mode.

Other new features include built-in support for H264 (mp4) on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and newer OS versions, improved responsiveness, improved high quality image resizing performance, improved search UI, HTTP Public Key Pinning Extension, and others. The complete changelog for desktop versions can be seen on the dedicated Firefox Release Notes website.

As for the Android users, one of the biggest additions made in the Firefox 35 is the inclusion of a download manager to keep track of contents downloaded by users. The download manager is nothing new for Android users as other rival third-party browser like UCBrowser already feature it.

The Bing search in Firefox 35 for Android browser now uses HTTPS for secure search. Other notable additions made are geolocation services that now make use of Wi-Fi and cellular signals, inclusion of search dialogue in network error pages, improved responsiveness, and the relocation of synced tabs from the tabs tray to a home panel. Also, select devices will now feature a new function letting users swipe up from the search widget to view search activity. The complete changelog can be viewed on the dedicated Firefox Release Notes website for Mobiles.

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