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Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 smartphone with 3.50-inch 640x960 display powered by one-core processor alongside 512MB of RAM and 5-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Nice phone to test your hands on an Apple Iphone for the first time
    Samyak Sancheti (May 8, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    The phone is nice & compact. The best part is, its upgradable to the latest iOS version released despite being discontinued. Runs well on iOS 7. Another Plus is that, its now into the Sub-20000 segment which is fairly a good deal. However, you may face an issue with the weight of the phone sometimes as compared to the latest set of phones by Apple.
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  • Smart...!
    Sabarna Banerjee (Apr 29, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    It's a compact phone that fulfill your basic and other few other social requirements. Camera is great until an upgrade to iOs 7.
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  • Legendary phone in the Mobile History.
    Harvinder Singh (Jun 1, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Launched in 2010 , this phone proved to be Groundshaker in the Mobile Industry. With Retina Display and 5mp Camera ....this phone won hearts of people from the whole world. It is the most sold phone by Apple. With only 512 mb of RAM, it can handle multitasking of many applications. Moreover Heavy applications run without any Lag. I played heavy games like Epoche, Six Guns, GTA Vice City, Gangstar Rio,....and Many more It provided one of the best experiences..... I personally used this phone for 2 years and then upgraded to iPhone 5. I will give it 5/5 Rating.
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  • Rich Look with medium price
    Bharat Gandhi (Aug 19, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Summarization on Daily Usage:- HARDWARE:- Good.(Can run apps available on app store but not with so ease). SOFTWARE:-Very Good(ios look and feel is prestigious). CAMERA:- Good(Photography is good). PERFORMANCE:-Good(decent performance). LOOKS:-Very Good(It is the look and feel of iphone which adds a feather to the hat). BATTERY LIFE:-Good. VALUE FOR MONEY:-8/10. TARGET CUSTOMERS:-It is still a symbol of standard & richness but maintains to fullfill basic requirements.
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  • 'The Phone" for Apple fans...
    aayush agarwal (May 8, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Would rate it as great phone to have under 20k segment. The design outclasses pretty much every smartphone in the market. The new 5 MP camera is capable of taking beautiful shots. With iOS4 installed, the device is much more organized than previous versions and can easily multitask. Also the battery is outstanding squeezing more than a day and a half of charge. There may be some amazing alternatives to this phone out there but when it comes to the total package i.e., fit and finish in both software and hardware this outranks them. To end, this is truly the device for Apple lovers.
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  • apple knows how to retain its customers
    Rushi Deshmukh (May 31, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Its been really long since the phone has entered and also exit the market. But even today, we are still getting regular updates No wonder the updates have slowed down the performance, but so are happy that so far we are not left out. An iPhone 4 can practically do everything what an iPhone 5S does. And with the latest iOS 7.1.1 update, the speed is again comparable to previously stable 6.1. Been using this phone for almost 4 years now i would definitely be considering upgrading to iPhone 6 in the near future where its predicted that iOS 8 won't be ported to my iPhone 4..
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  • Amazing Phone
    Naveen Reddy S (May 9, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Its a user friendly phone which can be upgraded to IOS 7 and the user interface is amazing and smooth. The graphics is awesome. Even though it lacks hardware features when compared to other brand of this category, you wouldn't notice much difference when used in real time. Just go for this phone and will assure you that you wouldn't turn back to other brands for sure......just amazing...
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  • IOS is best.....
    Hemant Soni (Jun 8, 2019) on Flipkart
    All i know IOS does not come in 5000 RS. phone. A Proud Apple USER!!!! The touch n fell is best in class.. Don't forget Iphone 4 is 3 years old smartfone.. :) Released in June, 2010 Thank You
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  • @ Amit Kumar
    Adesh gupta on Flipkart
    Thanks buddy for your valuable review, i was about to orded i phone 4 when i saw your review and made me to reconsider my buying from flipkart, and then i decided to buy it from apple store itself directly and this phone is simply amazing & flawless
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  • comparing ferrari to Trucks?
    Karan Sharma (Jun 27, 2019) on Flipkart
    Iphone with ios is most smart platform ever created. no lags, no sluggish browsing, no hanging up probs. so question states why iphone when u can buy Toys like XOLO (lol name for a phone) or nexus 4. Well, Android 4.0 lags with dual core and 768 mb of ram. Ios doesnt even lag on 600 mhz, 256 mb of ram. It is so smartly designed, so intensely utilized with every resource is made to perform. another thing apple provides is reliability. you buy a android toy, xolo or other micromax toy, u start usin it and after 6 months it starts to overheat ,battery problems, lags(it does happen guys) But as for Iphone, use it now or after 3 years,it is same as it was before, no battery problem, no slow processor or heating issues. so guys, its a ferrari, a smartly designed smart "Phone" and serves the purpose well. you could go for android's but remember after a year or two your phone's plastic body will fell off. processor will go slow, and not to mention the battery problem you might feel. but as for iphone,no such thing. dont believe me? go check resale value of iphone in local stores. you always get best resale value for iphones where as android phones sell for probably 50% of buy price. and prices of androids slash every month(DP) where as iphone, it will never go cheap until next one is out. reason is it never compromises its speed or functionality. only reason its still in market even after 3 years of its launch, show me a single droid in market after 3 years? with such respect Iphone is forever
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  • Classsy ..!!!
    Shubham Ghosh (Jun 26, 2019) on Flipkart
    I don't think any of the iphones are good enough to play games on...and run some fancy apps..! Apple has its own class...Their standards are high. If you want to have full fun of your cell phone then iphone is,simply not meant for you..In that case go for Samsung.! But Apple has its own class,You can't deny that. PS-Enough of this android thing.Looking forward to have this.
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  • How can u even talk like this????
    Sameer deshmukh (Jun 13, 2019) on Flipkart
    Dude..Seriosly????are you really comparing Ur Xolo to an iphone...its like comparing a tractor to a BMW....another example...its like comparing a local domestic player in ur city to Sachin Tendulkar..there is a word called "class"..and tht is the difference between the two phone need to say anything else...grow up man...u cant say 200 rs watch is the same as a tag heuer...just because they show the same time...they certainly will show the same time..because tht is the time and not because of the cost.
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  • For all the Apple Haters !
    Saumil Korgaonkar on Flipkart
    I could write a 50 points why iPhone is better than any damn andriod or windows ! But unfortunately, I do not have the time nor the patience (to convince dumb andriod users) I write blogs and reviews, so don't expect me to cover all the points here. All I can say is, I am using the iPhone 4 16 gb from the day it released, the phone never hanged, never restarted, never lagged for me. (NOT JAILBROKEN) The best part, (for you lame andriod fans) "Even after 3 years, the iPhone stands on the latest OS 6.1.3" and supports iOS 7, so it becomes 4 years. Tell me 1 andriod phone which you can update after 2 years, ! Keep googling you retards, because there is NO ANDRIOD PHONE WHICH provides support after 2 years ! You waste 40K on an S4 or HTC One and then after 2 years, you cry again, I want a new phone. typical crybabies. Also, you hold any phone in hand, and hold an iphone, you will notice the premium feel To put it in a simpler words, "Cheap Plastic Retards" So andriod fans, grow up kiddos ! Ohh n btw, From Andriod 1.3 to the 4.2.2 There is a security leak, which allows hackers to access your phone data, if you "Illiterate" andriod fans do not know this, google up and you will know. So your lack of research and knowledge about product proves your immaturity. That's the security problem which google is still trying to fix and they still cant ! The only thing andriod is successful because it is an "Open Source" and companies are successful in their strategy which is fooling you with specs. So andriod users - Keep hating till the time you understand the true potential of iPhone Adios !
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  • Simply the best
    Siddhant Sudan on Flipkart
    It is a cool phone and has not yet become outdated.It runs smoother than android and the color saturation is superb.The colors look natural.The touch is very responsive.I have never had such a wonderful experience.It is amazing(Like Steve Jobs says).Other phones in this price range are not even close to it in terms of quality.I love it:).DO NOT CARE WHAT OTHERS SAY. In the future too I would certainly buy an iPhone. People say that it has less features.This is true to some extent but when apple puts a new feature in it"s phone it is always perfect not like other manufacturers who give you a lot of features with bugs and flaws.That is why I love apple. Last thing when you compare iPhone with other phones iPhone either has the same speed or is faster than it's rivals.The cool thing is that iPhone is able to do this with lower processor power and ram.This is awesome and tells that how efficient is iOS. APPLE IS THE BEST
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  • Superb Quality, go 4 it.
    Deepak on Flipkart
    Please do no write your reviews without using d phone, merely by seeing the specifications. Even Samsung Galaxy S4 cant beat this phone in terms quality both hardware and software. I am using this phone from more than 2 years, the battery life is same as in the beginning. I have used Samsung too, the battery life was hardly 1 year. Many times I dropped this phone still no major scratches or damages, no lags, no hangs. These are the differences between an I phone and the other cheap phones with great great specifications. Go for it, you wont go wrong.
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  • Awesum apple software
    Arjun Garg (Jun 22, 2019) on Flipkart
    I think if u just wanna buy a phone which does not hangs then this is the best choice and its also going to have ios7 with awesum new themes and i also saw that iphone users are more satisfied than android users becaz of the main hang problem. At the end i d like to say that i didnt bought this phone from flipkart but i am using and this phone will rock when ios7 will cum near around in autumn 2013
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  • It makes you feel unique
    Adarsh Gaurav on Flipkart
    Is sharing is the only thing you prefer ? What about the OS which cannot be take over by any virus or malware . The rich interface and the authentic sound of apple . Well, this phone is not for everyone . Only for those who believes in QUALITY , Not QUANTITY.
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  • Awesome Product by Apple
    Flipkart Customer on Flipkart
    Just ordered from Flipkart using Got Rs.500 recharge on my mobile. Waiting eagerly to arrive. Apple is best in the market of smartphones.
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  • You can't Buy iPhone doesn't mean You would shit about it. Make a Standard First.
    Rahul Grg on Flipkart
    people who are shitting about iphone4 don' Have a standard to afford iphone 4. You will only get them criticizing about iPhones because the Fact is they cannot ever even think of Carrying it. I Have been using iphone 4 and the annulment i have come to is 'this Phone is Very stunning & Pretty fast. i have downloaded temple run 2, subway surfer, dead trigger and so forth & they all are working pretty Good i don't see any lag while playing any Game in My iphone 4. Moreover, i have upgraded my Ios to 7.1.3 as well and it's more elegant than the previous ios that i was using. & about android Lol even rikshaw waale to this generation Handle android Phones & everybody else on earth. Using an iphone itself makes You unique in the Crowd.
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  • Best Phone Ever....!!!!!!
    Prateek Luthra on Flipkart
    Even though this was launched way before, this still beats any latest phone in plenty of features. You either have an iPhone or you don't...!!!!
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  • Iphone is 100% quality with 4 to 5 features, Android is 90% quality with 40 to 50 features
    Satyajit Chakraborty (Jan 29, 2019) on Flipkart
    Well i always see this fight and somehow don't understand why android and apple people fights so much for supremacy. Well i have used both Android and Iphone (i am using one iphone 4 and samsung galaxy S3) and i am happy with both. The basic deference in Android and Iphone is Quality. In android you will get tons of feature and everything will be acceptable quality. Consider GPS navigation, :In android you can say it works 9 out of 10 times, only in rare cases you will find its not locking with satellite. it will lock by 30/40 secs most of the time. :In iphone it will work 10/10 times. you will never find a case when it doesn't get locked to sattelite in 20secs. Consider Music quality: : Take any damn music phone which you think is best in quality, whether HTC beat or samsung or Nokia, take any phone. Now connect it to Bose headphone and listen. Done? Take iphone and connect to Bose headphone and listen, you will know the answer, iphone sound quality is anytime better. Stability: Imagine an andorid phone you are using since last 6 months and you have never restarted, it will become so slow that it will stop working because of memory leak, in iphone u will never face any issue. No hang at all. Smoothness: Every single touch is responded. Take any android phone doesn't matter how fast it is, u will still end up in situations like you have to press 2/3 times to open an Application, in iphone u will not face this. Well enough of praising the iphone now lets go to andorid: consider u went to a friends house and taken few photos, ur friends mom ask you to share those photo to her cellphone, Boom, man u cannot even share a photo using bluetooth and u call this a smartphone? u cannot share a mp3 song or copy a mp3 song. u have to either mail it or have to use itune, what kind of smarphone is this? U upgraded to ios7? u will realize how slow this iphone 4 is. I hope u guys understood by now, if you want tons of feature and okay with acceptable quality (90%) well go with android let the iphone guys keep on shouting. But if you are someone who need everything perfect and not ready to compromize and 1% in quality, iphone is the one. Dont worry about the price it worth for that extra quality. I have been using iphone 4 and galaxy s3 since more than a year now and i am happy with both. I use iphone as primary and S3 as secondary as for me i cannot compromise on quality. Choice is yours: Happy with 90% quality, dont want to spend much go with Android. Want 100% perfection ready to compromize on small small rarely used features, ready to spend extra money go with iphone.
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  • Good
    Ajithkumar Raveendranathen Rugmini (Jan 18, 2019) on Flipkart
    As everyone knows, Apple is the best.. Branded.. quality... good delivery. Apple is a trusted brand to buy
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  • Apple iPhone 4
    Gaurav Pandey (Jan 16, 2019) on Flipkart
    Product is working perfectly fine & the cash-back was credited as promised on time. The battery backup is good.
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  • An Apple(i phone) in your hand is worth more than a brick of gold in your bank account
    Satyendra Kumar on Flipkart
    Awesome phone. That is only thing which can be wrote about it. I am using an i phone 5 and bought this phone for a friend. I wont say anything more about the product,because we all know its simply awesome but would like to thank flip cart for providing heavy discount and shipping it on time.
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  • best to buy through flipkart
    Balaje Baskaran (Jan 14, 2019) on Flipkart
    the phone is original and new.. pls dont update ios 7 . iphone 4 is better in ios 6 only..........................
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  • Good phone..
    Nagarajan (Feb 17, 2019) on Flipkart
    I suggested, Apple 4 is a good phone, I am very much happy to use this one...Thanks flipkart.. i bought 21000 rs, it is possible flipkart only.. Thanks flipkart..
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  • The BEST
    Kiran Kumar (Feb 13, 2019) on Flipkart
    Apple iPhone is the best.. the specs might be low wen compared to other phones, but the performance is many times better than high end android mobiles.. i have an iPhone 3GS, which is a jailbroken one.. with the 256mb ram RAM, i can play NFS Most wanted (1.2 gb size) without any lag, whereas my friend plays it on his Galaxy S3 and it lags.. Hands down, APPLE is The Best. The cost is high, but its worth it
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    Vijay Gulabani (Mar 8, 2019) on Flipkart
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  • We all know
    Barinder Singh (Mar 5, 2019) on Flipkart
    Apple iPhone 4 is surely better than likes of Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia...worth buying it...Good product.............
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  • wrost rate of fluctuation
    Dharmendra Kumar Singh (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    I have seen that iPhone 4 (8 GB (Black)) of price is changing day by day now the difference is from yesterday to today is 5000 rupee.
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