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Apple iPhone 11 mobile with 6.10-inch 828x1792 display powered by Apple A13 Bionic processor alongside 4GB of RAM and 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel rear camera.

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  • mind blowing performance
    SaN (Jan 9, 2021) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    I've been using iPhone 11 (256) for a year now. I use it more for gaming and the performance is outstanding. The device never gets hot and literally no lag. Though the display is LCD its still a great display and when compared to oled its just a minor difference. Another plus point is the battery, I charge upto 80 and still gets through a day
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  • defective phone
    Gmgplij Lords Inn Jammu (Nov 22, 2020) on Gadgets 360
    I got an i phone 11 on 11 Oct 20 from Imagine Store sector 11 Panchkula Haryana after few days of use the phone had soft ware issue so they said they had to send it to Bangalore for Updation on 22/10/2020 and I got the phone back after 1 week nor yesterday again the same the happened. It is not good after paying 68K the product is not worth and the Imagine Store refuses to replace it.
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  • iPhone 11 - Goosebums
    RAHITHIL AASHIK (Sep 12, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    iPhone XI - Goosebumps
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  • BAD - Low-resolution display --- really ?
    Pramod Singh (Sep 18, 2019) on Gadgets 360
    Low-resolution display really ??. resolution of 1125x2436 pixels at a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch (ppi) Which is highest in any smartphone
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  • Best iphone ever
    Mayur Madhavi (Sep 11, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Using from last 1week, camera quality is very impressive, awsome UX, go and buy
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  • Best thing that money can buy
    Arin87 (Dec 18, 2019) on Amazon
    Dont go by the negative reviews! If you want to go for iphone which can compete with high end android phones, this is the one. I have used the Oneplus 7T for 2.5 months (and sold it) and can say after comparison that the photos that iPhone 11 takes are way better than OP 7T. The battery has been performing really well after all daily chores, youtube, spotify, netflix, etc. I have last charged the phone to 100% at 9.12 pm and as I write this review (12.54 pm next day), I have got 30% left. I used to have an iphone 6s which I used for 4 years after which I bought the OP 7T. Now that I am back to the ios ecosystem, it does feel good! Also, trust me, the transition back to a Liquid Retina display from 90Hz does not feel bad, because Apple has really done a good job is maintaining a crisp and vibrant display in iPhone 11. Go for it guys. Haters will always hate!
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  • Superb
    Kanchan (Dec 21, 2019) on Amazon
    Awsm product with best price, i have got this in 50,000 in sale.....😻
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  • Battery life within 3 month is dropped to 96%
    Virbus Mirche (Apr 7, 2020) on Amazon
    Battery life within 3 month is dropped to 96%.
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  • The best iPhone ever
    Pratik Borhade (Jun 12, 2020) on Amazon
    I was using iPhone 6s and I needed a upgrade so I decided to buy iPhone11 and its really awesome phone with the fastest face unlockSound quality is way too much better than the other iPhonesCamera is the best and it is way ahead of all the smartphones except iPhone 11 Pro and pro maxIf you are thinking of getting one , go for it you won?t regret it 🤩🤩Apple products are always better than any otherI have added a sample video shot from this phoneDo have a look at it
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  • Highly recommended
    Prashant Singh (Oct 1, 2019) on Flipkart
    nice picture quality
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  • Buy it if you are willing to dive into the Apple walled garden.
    Shashwat (Apr 24, 2021) on Amazon
    Disclaimer: I didn't buy this on Amazon. This is purely meant to be a product review and doesn't contain any insights about Amazon's delivery, etc.My phone model : iPhone 11, purple, 64 gb.How well this product holds up, only time will tell. Though a brief summary of the pros and cons for the prospective buyer out there :Pros :1. Those cameras are something special. Absolute magic, maybe second only to the pixel lineup. I know this as I have used both of them now.2. A well designed, well engineered product - the moment you hold the iPhone 11, you *know* there's something special about it - the heft, the materials used, the proportions - everything just clicks in place.Ofcourse there's the 'Apple tax' involved by means of omission of the charger and earphones inside the box but hey, for the price that I've got this piece of beauty, I ain't complainin' :)3.iOS - it's restricted, yes..it's a walled garden, also yes.. but it just "works". Trust me, the beautiful synergy of the hardware and software designed specifically for this hardware is on full display here - no lags, no freezes, no hangups.. like the apple folks keep advertising every now and then, everything just "works".Then there are the timely OS updates. I got an update within hours of booting up the phone.If you have been an android user previously who's switched to iphone and the Apple ecosystem like I have, you WILL notice the difference - the same apps designed for Apple iOS feel different and more smooth than the apps on Android. What baffles me the most is that Google's own apps like mail, YouTube, Duo, etc work better on iPhone than on their own Android ecosystem - I simply can't fathom why.. but then again, why should I complain ;)There.. I have tried, in my own limited way, the top 3 reasons why you should go for the iPhone, if you do have the budget for the same.Now let's explore the cons.1. That pathetic LCD 720 p screen - good Lord, that screen is a total bummer ! A horrible 720p 60 hz option in this day and age of super Amoled, 120 hz high refresh screens. No amount of Apple marketing wizardry can take away that fact.2. The full Apple experience comes at a price - their own apps and services are all pricey - be it Apple tv, music, the iCloud ..etc3.iOS is not even half as user friendly and customisable as Android - though the iOS 14 update does bring in some customisable features, they can't hold a candle to sheer range of options android provides to it's users.I hope my measured review helps you make the right choice. If you do decide to jump into the Apple walled garden, atleast make an informed jump ;)
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  • Provided with a defective product
    NAZAR (Nov 8, 2019) on Amazon
    Provided with defective product .Struggling for replacement since then .There are so many hidden terms and conditions.It's my last order on Amazon
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  • Superb
    Bunty Khan (Apr 24, 2021) on Amazon
    What a phone superb
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  • Disappointed with amazon
    Sharayu (Oct 31, 2020) on Amazon
    Phone is great but I am really disappointed by amazon service. It was applicable for bonus 1 offer and I was suppose to get cashback of 1250 and an executive said expect it by wednesday but when it dint credit on chking with amazon executive again they said its not applicable!There was no stars or mentioned in FAQs that iphone is not applicable for bonus.Felt like wrong advertisement, cheated and really disappointed by amazon offers and services. Been amazon customer for years and this experience is really was very disappointing. Feels like lost the trust in amazon :( Wrong advt and incorrect offers was just never expected from amazon!
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  • Super!
    Dinesh G (Jul 23, 2020) on Flipkart
    An Awesome phone with the best in class camera and experience. Red is the colour!!!!!!!
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  • Must buy!
    RAGHUNATH MOHARANA (Oct 6, 2020) on Flipkart
    Mind blowing purchase ...thanks to Flipkart ❤️
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  • Working well after 1 month use
    Rahul (Nov 12, 2019) on Amazon
    Working well after 1 month use
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  • Waste of Money
    Amazon Customer (May 5, 2020) on Amazon
    My phone is not working. It is getting off again and again. Restarting within 3 minutes. As apple support for customer services are closed in these days, I am really disappointed with apple. The price we are paying is not worth.
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  • Utterly Disappointed
    Amit Kasera (May 8, 2020) on Flipkart
    Ok but heating issue
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  • Elite
    PRAJOT AWALE (Jul 26, 2021) on Amazon
    The iPhone great but battery life down fast as you use to should take an splitter for iPhone
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  • Best Price Ever From Amazon.
    Shubham (Jul 27, 2021) on Amazon
    Best ..
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  • Coool
    Athul P. (Jul 27, 2021) on Amazon
    Superb phone i like it very much. Bought it from prime day offer. Very impressed. Thanks to Amazon for a great deal
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  • Happy
    Shahzaib Shaikh (Jul 26, 2021) on Amazon
    My new I phone 11 mobile.....,, ek no. Mobile hai,, Kal hi Liya maine . AP B LE LO TX
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  • Very good
    Anurag Grover (Jul 29, 2021) on Amazon
    Every thing was excellent in my I phone 11 64gb good service the product is good, only Amazon should do one thing to send a software person who can make a apple id and transfer data, so that every customer can order through amazon rest everything was fantastic .
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  • Original
    Hitesh (Jul 29, 2021) on Amazon
    Worth purchasing in 2021
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  • my fevout
    Meena Khan (Jul 28, 2021) on Amazon
    i am happy with this
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  • Awesome
    Siddharth Shah (Jul 28, 2021) on Amazon
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  • Good experience buying one
    Prashanth (Jul 29, 2021) on Amazon
    Good one
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  • Amazing product
    Mohit Choudhary (Jul 28, 2021) on Amazon
    Amazing product using for about 9 months. Battery performance is superb and packaging was also proper at the time of delivery
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  • Perfect. Fully satisfied
    Chungong P. (Jul 30, 2021) on Amazon
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