Apple likely to refresh iPod line alongside new iPhone launch

That Apple is set to launch a new iPhone at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday is pretty much a given. There's been plenty of speculation around what the new iPhone will look like, what it will be called, what new features it will bring, and pretty much everything else under the sun.

The focus is now shifting to what else Apple could announce at the event apart from the new iPhone, and of course, unveiling iOS 6. While early rumours indicated that Apple may announce a smaller iPad alongside the new iPhone, the consensus now seems to be that Apple will likely until October to unveil the same.

September has traditionally been the month where new iPods have been announced, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Last year, the iPhone event moved from June to September, and we saw the new iPhone debut alongside refreshed iPods, and Apple is expected to continue the 'tradition' this year.

As per a report in 9to5Mac, Apple will refresh the entire iPod line, aside from the iPod classic, which of course, hasn't seen any love for around 3 years now. The tiny iPod shuffle is likely to stay at the same price point, and will likely come in 8 colours, up from the current 5. The nature of other changes aren't clear. Similarly, the iPod nano will get the new colours as well, though if it'll also get rumoured Wi-Fi support isn't clear either.

The iPod touch, due to its similarity with the iPhone, offers the most interesting possibilities for a refresh. If the iPhone indeed gets a bigger screen, it is likely that the variants of the iPod touch will also get the same form-factor, down to the new dock connector, if any. One school of thought also indicates the smallest capacity iPod touch may retain the current generation specs, in order to keep the entry-level cost down.

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