Tata Communications launches solutions to consolidate telcos roaming operations

Extending its managed services portfolio, Tata Communications on Thursday launched solutions that will help mobile operators to consolidate their roaming operations as well as streamline roaming for 4G networks.
In order to help operators manage their roaming arrangements, Tata Communications has introduced 'Virtual Private Roaming Hub' and 'LTE Roaming Service', the company said in a statement.

"The Virtual Private Roaming Hub consolidates roaming operations and the LTE Roaming Service streamlines roaming for 4G networks," the statement said.

The company has also launched 'Managed SMS Firewall' to protect operators and consumers against mobile spam.

"What we bring to the market is a comprehensive, yet modular, managed services framework which efficiently empowers mobile operators to generate revenue from new services, capabilities and business models - many of which are supporting evolving customer demands," Tata Communications Vice President (Mobile Segment Strategy) Tim Sherwood said.

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