MTS India to launch dual-technology phones from October

MTS India to launch dual-technology phones from October

Sistema Shyam (SSTL), which provides services under brand name of MTS, will start selling mobile phones that will support both CDMA and GSM connections from next month.

"We will launch multimode phones from October. It will be CDMA with GSM smartpone in the price range of Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 12,000," SSTL Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Lenny Musatov said on sidelines CDG International Roaming Team meet.

The strategy of company is to leverage on the business model of China Mobile which is going to procure large number of dual-technology based smartphone that is expected to lower cost of such handsets.

The company has also aligned its dual technology phones business with CDMA Development Group initiative to provide international roaming for CDMA users across world and even in countries where there is no CDMA network.

"We are regularly working with carriers (service providers) to provide international roaming facility to CDMA users.

"Through multi-mode handsets (phones supporting multiple technnology like CDMA and GSM), we are trying to provide international roaming facility in where there is no CDMA network," CDG Chairman Federico Nienstadt said.

He said that 115 CDMA out of 331 operators across globe have signed international roaming agreement.

CDMA technology has around 15 percent market share in global mobile phone market.

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