Airtel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 11 percent in FY 2011-12

Bharti Airtel has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 11 percent per terabyte in network infrastructure in 2011-12.

"The company has been constantly working along with its partners to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions in its operations. The report discloses an 11 percent reduction in GHG emissions per terabyte in network infrastructure in 2011-12," Airtel's sustainability report 2011-2012 said.

The report also introduces the company's blueprint on 'Social Inclusion' through which it aims to leverage its network and distribution to digitally enable financial, education, health and other services for the masses.

"India, the world's second largest telecom market, provides a remarkable growth opportunity for 1.2 billion people, out of which, 900 million people are connected through mobile. Hence, telcos have a huge role to play in bringing a paradigm shift in the lives of million," Bharti Airtel CEO (India and South Asia) Sanjay Kapoor said.

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