iPad mini to be Wi-Fi only, says report

iPad mini to be Wi-Fi only, says report

Apple is reportedly going to release the rumoured iPad mini in Wi-Fi version only, unlike the 'regular' iPad, which is sold in both 3G/4G and Wi-Fi only variants, reports The Guardian. Apple will do so to keep the costs down. The publication also indicates that the company will also be refreshing the existing iPad to make it compatible with 4G networks available in UK.

We have been hearing about iPad mini rumours for a long time now and multiple sources have confirmed the impending arrival of this 7.85-inch version of iPad. It is expected to compete with seven-inch tablets from Google and Amazon - Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.

The Guardian claims that several retail sources have confirmed they are expecting iPad mini stocks in November. An accessory maker also told them that it is soon going to start the sales of iPad mini cases even though we are yet to see an invite for the official launch.

An Australia writer also recently tweeted the images of the alleged iPad mini, which seems like an enlarged iPod Touch 5G. The device also features Lightning connector, which was introduced with Apple iPhone 5.

The Guardian claims that industry sources indicate that Apple wants to keep the top price of iPad mini to better compete with other 7-inch tablets, therefore it does not plan to provide a 3G variant.

"Industry sources indicated to the Guardian that they do not expect to see 3G-capable versions of the iPad mini. That would allow Apple to produce it comparatively cheaply and to limit the top price of the product, while retaining mobile broadband connectivity for its pricier iPad line."

A recent report in The Wall Street Journal notes that Apple has placed orders for as many as 10 million iPad mini units with its suppliers.

Image Credit: Sonny Dickson

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