Twitter rolls out mobile app-inspired website redesign to all users

Three weeks ago, Twitter had announced on its official Twitter handle that they were rolling out a new and refreshed look to its website. Come February 3, the redesigned look is live.

The new look mirrors a lot of the look and feel of Twitter's newest Android and iOS apps. The Twitter for Android update had been launched in the last week of January. The new redesigned look for the website will allow users to personalise their profiles a lot more than before. The settings menu now has the option to include rather add, accent colours.

The changes are purely aesthetic and are not on the functional features of the website. The new changes also include a differently coloured navigation bar. Icons too have received updates. For example the icon for direct messages too has been changed.

At the home feed, a user's profile picture and background will now appear in the top left-hand side of the screen right above the area where the number of Tweets a person has send, are located. White design, bigger buttons all in sync with the mobile apps, have been included.

Interestingly enough the initial reception of the new design has been mixed. While a percentage of users have loved it, others have either directly or indirectly criticised the new design. Some have criticised it outright, others more mellow in their criticism have appreciated the design, whilst asking how can one go back to the previous look. One might want to take a moment to reflect about the kind of reactions that were received when the Facebook Timeline feature had gone live. It has now become synonymous with Facebook.

Reactions will always be mixed for anything new. What remains to be seen is how Twitter's unification initiative across platforms and devices will work out for the micro-blogging site in the coming days.

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