Twitter removes source application names from tweets

Twitter seems to be in no mood to slow down its offensive against third-party app developers. The latest move is dropping name of the source application from tweets on its web interface.

Before the move, every tweet was accompanied by a "via" field which carried the name of the application that was used to post that particular tweet. This provided third-party apps some much needed publicity and users have often discovered new applications via this feature.

The message from Twitter seems it doesn't want third-party apps competing on its space. Client names can still be seen in third-party apps like Echofon, and even Twitter's own TweetDeck.

The move comes days after Twitter announced a whole host of changes to its developers API, which was widely seen as a crackdown on third-party Twitter clients. The changes introduced include limits on the number of times client applications can call Twitter APIs, as well as a limit on the number of total users an application can have before it needs Twitter's permission to continue.

Twitter's crackdown is not limited to client apps. It was recently in the news for blocking "find my Twitter friends" feature for Tumblr, and before that soon-to-be-Facebook's Instagram.

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