Google pays 'The Delhi braveheart' a tribute on India homepage

Google has paid a tribute to 'The Delhi braveheart', the rape-victim who died in Singapore in the wee hours of Saturday after battling for survival over the last few days.

The Google India homepage features a simple candle below the search box with the text 'In memory of the Delhi braveheart' as a mouse-over tooltip. The Google logo and other elements on the page appear as normal. Earlier this month, Google had done a similar thing in the US with a message that read "Our hearts are with the families and community of Newtown, Connecticut."

India woke up on Saturday to the news that the young woman had died. While she fought for life in hospital for 13 days, there were massive protests in the capital and in other cities demanding speedy justice, more stringent anti-rape laws and better security for women. Demonstrations turned violent last weekend when the police tried to stop protesters from marching towards Rashtrapati Bhavan.
However, when she died, the protesters went silent in mourning. Thousands of people poured out onto the streets Saturday to light candles; some lay on the roads with black bands across their mouths and others just marched. But all of them grieved, vowing that the girl would never be forgotten. At the stroke of midnight on Monday, Google did its bit in remembering 'The Delhi braveheart'.

With inputs from PTI

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