Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware Update Speeds-Up Camera App and More

Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware Update Speeds-Up Camera App and More

Samsung has rolled-out a firmware update for its flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, enabling users to experience a faster access to gallery app and slightly more precise fingerprint sensor.

Besides the faster opening of the gallery app, the update also boosts the camera app opening speed of the Galaxy S5, reports Sammobile. This, when paired with the already existing 0.3 second autofocus feature of the handset, would offer even better ISOCELL camera experience to users.

The Galaxy S5 update additionally enhances the fingerprint scanner accuracy and the fingerprint reading time. The general performance of the Galaxy S5 (Review | Pictures) has also been improved along with better RAM management.

The Galaxy S5 firmware update, named G900FXXU1ANE2, is currently available for UK customers (International model - SMG900F) and might soon reach other regions, via OTA or Samsung Kies software. However, for those who can't wait to get their hands on the latest update, they can manually install it from Sammobile, though we do not recommend this.

This is not the first update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 handset since its launch at the MWC 2014. Last week, Samsung announced its latest Knox 2.0 security suite for the Galaxy S5, a suite that will be rolled out to other Samsung Galaxy devices through OS upgrades in the coming months.

The Knox Workspace includes a series of core security enhancements for devices from erratic kernels to third-party apps. Some of the features in Knox Workspace: TrustZone-protected certificate management, Knox key store, real-time protection for system integrity, two-factor biometric authentication and the generic framework of Knox.

The Korean tech giant also gave a stability update , version XXU1ANCE, to its Galaxy S5 just before the release.

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