New job listing reveals that Motorola is indeed working on the X-Phone

A new job posting on LinkedIn by Motorola Mobility, which was first spotted by Phandroid, reveals that the company might indeed be working on the X-Phone. The listing is for a Senior Director of Product Management to work directly on the X Phone project.The listing mentions that the company is looking for someone who'd be working on its next generation smartphone platform and lists responsibilities related to the development, execution and marketing of the platform.

It has now been removed from LinkedIn but a similar listing without a mention of the X-Phone has also been posted on Motorola's own job board.

When Google acquired Motorola Mobility in August 2011, everyone including tech pundits and analysts started expecting news of a new device jointly developed by the two companies. In December, the Wall Street Journal reported that Motorola and Google were in fact working on a device codenamed the 'X-Phone', citing people familiar with the development. A few days back, DroidForums, also confirmed the presence of the X-phone, and said that it would be the first device to come with the next build of Android, Key Lime Pie, and could debut at the Google I/O event scheduled to take place in May in San Francisco.

It would be interesting to see whether the X-Phone turns out to be the first flagship Nexus device made from the collaborative efforts of Google and Motorola.

Image Courtesy: Phandroid

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