LG reveals Jelly Bean update schedule for select smartphones

Korean manufacturer LG has revealed the time schedule of Jelly Bean update for some of its smartphones. According to a press release issued by the company, it will begin the Jelly Bean update roll-out starting next month.

LG will first release the update for its Optimus LTE 2 smartphone, which will be followed by Optimus G in December.

Company's phablet devices Optimus Vu and Vu II will get the Android 4.1 update in Q1, 2013. LG has however not announced anything on Optimus 4X HD or L-Style series updates, which should also get the Jelly Bean update.

LG has been facing a lot of criticism because of lacklustre software update record as compared to other Android manufacturers. The company is often late and sometimes it skips the updates for even its flagship devices.

Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean, which was originally announced by Google in June this year, is yet to reach majority of Android devices. According to the recently announced Android platform data, the operating system version is still on less than 2percent devices.

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