LG Optimus G2 may debut this fall with Android Key Lime Pie: Report

LG Optimus G2 may debut this fall with Android Key Lime Pie: Report

The successor to LG's flagship Optimus G smartphone may launch this fall, reports CNET. The report also highlights the possible reason for delaying the device's launch, considering it's been rumoured to exist for quite a while.

LG might be waiting for Google to release its latest version of Android (currently known as Key Lime Pie), which is expected to come in May, probably at the Google I/O event. That would give the Optimus G2 an edge over other Android-powered devices.

Specs wise, previous rumours for the Optimus G2 indicate that the smartphone will feature a  5.5-inch full-HD display, a quad-core 2.0/2.5GHz Krait processor, at least 2GB RAM, a 13-megapixel camera and support 3rd generation LTE radio.

The fact that LG did not showcase the device at CES this year, MWC would be a good opportunity for the Korean manufacturer to take the wraps off of the smartphone.

Recent murmurs suggest LG is planning to launch a full-HD smartphone in the first quarter of 2013. Codenamed 'GK', the device is expected to feature a 5.5-inch screen and run on a quad-core processor.

Other reports analyse that LG's main objective behind launching a full-HD smartphone in Q1 2013 is to be able to garner greater market share than its rivals. The company feels that having its product in the market before the Samsung Galaxy S IV or the next generation iPhone will give it a slight edge in terms of sales.

LG entered the phablet territory with launch of the Optimus Vu and a subsequent successor, the Optimus Vu II with 5-inch IPS displays.

2013 is expected to be the year of the phablet, but looks like it will also be the year of full-HD displays companies like HTC, Huawei, Sony and ZTE already having announced their full-HD smartphone offerings.

LG at CES 2013

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