LG G3 Features McAfee Mobile Security and Anti-Theft Tools Pre-Installed


LG has collaborated with McAfee to introduce an anti-theft feature for its recently launched LG G3 handset. The anti-theft feature will come along with a distinct version of the McAfee Mobile Security app that is pre-installed on the handset.

The anti-theft feature by McAfee is designed to protect the user's personal data and an unauthorized factory reset from the LG G3 smartphones. One of the highlighted features of the McAfee Mobile Security service is the 'Kill Switch' feature that enables G3 users to disable the handset and clear all the personal data to keep it uncompromised from the attacker.

When the 'Kill Switch' feature is activated, the McAfee Mobile Security lock screen disables the factory resets and any kind of rooting attempts on the handset and asks for a password, all of which can be controlled by the user via either the device or the web console. Antivirus, data backup, remote lock and wipe, and remote tracking are all available through the McAfee app for five years at no cost.

"We are working with McAfee to offer a customized version of its award-winning mobile security software that leverages built-in LG capabilities to make security an integral part of LG G3," said Dr. Ramchan Woo, Head of Smartphone Planning Division of LG in a statement. "The implementation of the Kill Switch feature is just one of several specific measures we are taking to ensure that our users can easily and comprehensively protect themselves from the growing threat landscape, both physical and online."

"We are working with LG to build and implement unique security measures that empower users to live a safer, worry-free digital life," added John Giamatteo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, McAfee consumer business. "Partnering with global mobile leaders such as LG is one of the many ways that we're working tirelessly to deliver innovative solutions that enable safer mobile computing for consumers."

The McAfee's range of Mobile Security apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

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