Google extends sunset date for Google Sync to 31st December 2013

Google extends sunset date for Google Sync to 31st December 2013

Google has extended the sunset date for Google Sync services on Windows Phone to December 31.

Google Sync allows users to access Google Mail, Calendar and Contacts via the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, to synchronise email, contacts, and calendar on their phones.

This essentially means that users will be able to sync their Google calendars and contacts with new devices till the new sunset date. Previously, Google had decided to extend the deadline for supporting Google Sync on new Windows Phone devices till 31st July 2013. Google had earlier announced that it would cease support for its Google Sync service for new users starting 30th January 2013, while it would continue to support existing sync connections.

The development was reported by The Verge, which quoted a Microsoft spokesperson to confirm that it had reached an agreement with Google.

"We've reached an agreement with Google to extend support for new Windows Phone connections to the Google Sync service through December 31, 2013," said the Microsoft spokesperson

It's worth pointing out that Microsoft has already started seeding the Windows Phone GDR 2 update that adds CalDAV and CardDav support, which extends support for Gmail and other Google services without the need to use Google Sync. However, the update has only been rolled out to select non-Nokia devices only. Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone smartphones, which constitute a majority of all smartphones on the platform, are yet to receive the update, though some new Lumia phones (Lumia 925, 1020) already run the latest version of the OS.

If Google would have not extended the deadline, Windows Phone users who haven't received the update won't have been able to setup their Google account on the OS beyond July 31.

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