Apple releases iOS 6.1.4 update for iPhone 5

Apple has released the iOS 6.1.4 update that offers an updated audio profile for the speakerphone on the iPhone 5. This essentially means that it makes changes related to how voice is delivered through the speakerphone during a call.

The 11.5MB update has been released only for the iPhone 5. Apple just mentions that the update brings an 'updated audio profile for speakerphone' and offers no other details. The update can be downloaded over the air on the iOS devices or via iTunes on computers.

In March, Apple had released the iOS 6.1.3 update to fix the bug that allowed anyone to bypass a password protected lock screen by following a few simple steps employing the use of the power and home button, and the phone's emergency call feature. The update also brought improvements to Apple Maps in Japan and was available for iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, iPhone 5, all iPads following iPad 2 and all iPod touch devices after the 4th generation iPod touch.

Interestingly, the update also included a patch for blocking the popular 'evasi0n' hacking tool that lets users jailbreak their iPhones. Apple had acknowledged the same in the Security notes released with the update and had credited evad3rs for discovering four out of the six bugs that the 6.1.3 update fixes. This means that you won't be able to jailbreak your device till a new hack is discovered if you update it.

Apple had earlier released the 6.1.2 update to fix problems related to iOS devices overloading Exchange servers after being updated to iOS 6.1 due to issues with calendar sync. It had also released the 6.1.1 update for iPhone 4S users to fix network connectivity issues.

Apple had released the iOS 6.1 update in January to enable 36 iPhone carriers and 23 iPad carriers around the world to provide access to the faster LTE networks offered in many locations. It also enabled movie ticket purchases through Fandango via Apple's voice-assistant Siri in the US, and individual song downloads from iCloud for iTunes Match subscribers.

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