Apple planning to launch a $799 Macbook Air: Rumour


The latest bit of information coming out of Apple rumour mill is suggesting that the Cupertino-based company is reportedly planning to launch a $799 Macbook Air in the third quarter of this year.

The current Macbook Air line-up starts at $999 for the 11-inch 64GB SSD model, and according to Digitimes, Apple wants to take on the upcoming second-generation ultrabooks by taking the Air price down to $799.

It sounds unusual for Apple to take such a step to rival the competition and ultrabooks haven't posed Macbook Air any threats till now and are also not likely to do so in the near future. However, Intel continues to aggressively push ultrabooks and is aiming for $699 priced devices from its partners in the second-quarter of this year.

If Apple indeed decides to launch a $799 Macbook Air, the ultrabooks are going to have a hardtime in finding buyers even at the anticipated $699 price.

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