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Apple likely to refresh notebooks at WWDC as Intel confirms June debut for 'Haswell' processors



Apple is likely to announce a refresh of its range of notebook computers at the upcoming WWDC conference in June.

Mac Rumours quotes KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who predicts that Apple's new line of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops to be announced at WWDC will feature Intel's fourth-generation processors, codenamed 'Haswell'.

Intel posted a note on its website on Friday, confirming a June 3/ June 4 launch of its fourth-generation of processors. That fits in nicely with an expected launch at Computex to be held this year from June 4 to 8 in Taipei.

In approximately 3,337,200,000,000,000 nanoseconds, Intel will reveal all there is to know about the highly anticipated 4th generation Intel Core processor family. The new family of processors will surpass old technology expectations and usher in a host of striking new designs with incredible performance and extraordinarily long battery life. Stay tuned to the Intel Newsroom for more information as we get closer to the big day.

Back to Apple, where it worth recalling that Apple had refreshed its notebook line at last year's WWDC, giving credence to the reports that newer laptops can be expected this year as well. At WWDC 2012, Apple had unveiled MacBook Pro with Retina display as well as thinner, more powerful MacBooks.

Ming-Chi Kuo notes that contrary to his earlier projection, he expects Apple to continue the non-Retina version of MacBook Pro because of its popularity.

Contrary to our previous projection, we now think Apple will continue to make the MacBook Pro alongside the MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro because the 13" MacBook Pro remains the most popular product in the MacBook line. Also, there is still demand in emerging markets, where Internet penetration isn't advanced, for optical disk drives.

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