Internet blackout Monday: Check if your PC is infected

Internet blackout Monday: Check if your PC is infected

Internet users across the world have been warned that if they have the "Alureon/ DNS Changer bot" virus on their computers, they will lose their Internet connections July 9.

The virus "spoofs" popular websites in an attempt to steal personal information.

The software found its way into thousands of computers worldwide last year. It redirect users away from trusted websites, towards spoof websites in a bid to steal financial and personal information.

When the attack was noticed, the FBI routed infected machines through its server to stop the attacks. But the servers will be taken down July 9. When this happens, computers still infected are likely to lose their internet connection without warning.

Multiple websites have been setup to check if your computer is infected. One of them is DNS Changer Check-Up (for list of other websites click here). Simply visit the website and if you see green colour, your computer is clean.


If you see red colour instead, your computer may be infected. You should visit this page for instructions on how to fix your computer.

If you prefer to manually check your system, detailed instructions for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS X are provided as well. Again, use this page to look for a fix should your PC turn out be infected.

But remember, you should do this check immediately, because if your PC is infected, you won't be able to access any websites after 9th July.

If your computer is infected, you can use one of these free tools to remove the malware.

5 free tools to remove Alureon DNSChanger malware

With inputs from IANS

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