China shuts websites, microblog accounts over fraud, blackmail

Several websites and microblog accounts have been closed in China for being involved in fraud and blackmail, the country's National Internet Information Office announced Thursday.

According to the National Internet Information Office, China has closed over 130 such websites this year.

Also, over 4,000 microblog accounts have been found to be fraudulent, falsely assuming identities ranging from education institutes to news organisations to celebrities, Xinhua reported.

Some of these cases relate to criminal offences, and the personnel involved are under investigation by law enforcement authorities, the National Internet Information Office said.

The office will maintain a heavy-handed approach against internet fraud and blackmailing, it added.

Specifically, 14 websites, including "China anti-corruption report website", and "China news rights protection website" have been found fooling the public and threatening to reveal incriminating details about people unless they pay hush money, the report said.

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