Amazon snaps up HBO's classic shows like Sopranos, The Wire for online streaming

Others shows include "Big Love," "Deadwood" and early seasons of "Boardwalk Empire" and "True Blood."

Microsoft expands ad-free Bing search for schools

The program is meant to create a safer online environment for children, but also promote use of Bing, which trails market leader Google.

Google Street View gets a 'time travel' mode

Street View snapshots will now include an option to see what neighborhoods and landmarks looked like at different periods in the last seven years.

IPL 2014 live video streaming set to break all records, claims

The video streaming of IPL 2014 on has garnered unprecedented traction, said the broadcaster.

Less than 15 percent of credit cards used for online transactions: RBI

75 percent of all card payments are concentrated in top 20 cities with Delhi, Mumbai and their suburbs alone accounting for 43 percent.

Payment system breaches less common than other Web-based attacks: Study

Verizon's study includes data from 50 organizations around the world, ranging from law enforcement to security companies.

Global Internet governance summit kicks off in Brazil on Wednesday

The two-day NETmundial gathering in Sao Paulo includes representatives from countries around the world.

Brazil passes comprehensive Internet privacy legislation

The legislation is being likened to a Web-user's bill of rights by experts.

Vevo online music video hub hits 6 billion monthly average views

Vevo CEO on Tuesday said the company had seen a nearly 50 percent jump in viewership in December.

US Supreme Court justices debate copyrights in Aereo streaming case

Aereo takes free television signals from the airwaves and charges subscribers to watch the programs on other devices.

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Fire TV, unveiled by Amazon on Wednesday, marks the online retailer's latest push into streaming video.

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A comprehensive look at Apple's recently updated iWork productivity suite.

TiVo Roamio review

TiVos also integrate TV shows and movies from Internet video services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

Is Feedly a worthy replacement of Google Reader?

Feedly excels in highlighting the most popular items from all your feeds, based on sharing and other interactions.

Pinterest review: Cleaner, easier to manage

Pinterest's recent redesign is intended to cut down on clutter and make the site easier to manage, without drastically changing its look.

Microsoft's review integrates with leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Does the new Mega file-sharing service live up to the mega challenge?

Staying true to his outsized personality and reputation for excess, Dotcom unveiled the Mega service with great fanfare.

First look at Microsoft's garnered 1 million users withing first few hours of its launch. We take a look at what's making it so popular.

Pottermore review

The Pottermore site takes you through the Harry Potter novels chapter by chapter as if you're playing a game.

Review: Skype phone and adapter for home calling

Skype fans will appreciate the new cordless phone with a built-in Skype function comes with an adapter

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