Marvel Celebrates Comic-Con With 1-Month's Unlimited Subscription at $0.99

Comic enthusiasts can choose from a total of over 15,000 comics for under a dollar.

New Website Rates Hotels Based on Their Wi-Fi Speeds rates hotels based on the quality of Wi-Fi connectivity available at the premises.

Google Reportedly Agrees to Buy Twitch for $1 Billion

No further details of the reported acquisition are known, except that Twitch investors are very happy.

Amazon's Comixology Now Offers DRM-Free Backups of Comics

The Amazon-owned digital comics store Comixology is allowing readers access to comics outside its own app for the first time.

'India Should Be More Aware of Cyber-Security Threats'

An Israeli security solutions firm added that the two countries have many common "opponents".

The Pirate Bay Launches a Mobile Site, Teases 'New Niche Sites'

Mobile Bay is reportedly The Pirate Bay's first step in a series of expansion efforts, such as dedicated music, movie and TV sections, alongside a RSS portal.

Central Bank Says It Has Been Hacked in Apparent Blackmail Attempt

The European Central Bank said the information stolen contained relatively harmless data such as names, email addresses and telephone numbers.

Google Under Fire on Handling of 'Right to Be Forgotten' Ruling

Google's handling of "right to be forgotten" requests from European citizens is under fire by EU regulators.

Flaws Could Expose Users of Privacy-Protecting Software: Researchers

Researchers have found a flaw that could expose the identities of people using a privacy-oriented operating system touted by Edward Snowden.

New Dropbox for Business Features and APIs Announced

While some features are available via the early access programme, some will arrive after few months.

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Amazon Kindle Unlimited Review: Limited Selection

Startups Scribd and Oyster both offer better value for avid readers of popular books.

Oyster and Scribd Unlimited Ebook Services Review

Oyster and Scribd are good if you read three or more books, or if you like to sample - start several books before deciding which ones interest you.

Amazon Fire TV review

Fire TV, unveiled by Amazon on Wednesday, marks the online retailer's latest push into streaming video.

Apple iWork review

A comprehensive look at Apple's recently updated iWork productivity suite.

TiVo Roamio review

TiVos also integrate TV shows and movies from Internet video services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

Is Feedly a worthy replacement of Google Reader?

Feedly excels in highlighting the most popular items from all your feeds, based on sharing and other interactions.

Pinterest review: Cleaner, easier to manage

Pinterest's recent redesign is intended to cut down on clutter and make the site easier to manage, without drastically changing its look.

Microsoft's review integrates with leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Does the new Mega file-sharing service live up to the mega challenge?

Staying true to his outsized personality and reputation for excess, Dotcom unveiled the Mega service with great fanfare.

First look at Microsoft's garnered 1 million users withing first few hours of its launch. We take a look at what's making it so popular.

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