First iOS game for girls by girls


Vancouver based Silicon Sisters, the first female owned and run video game studio, will release School 26 today, an iOS game especially for girls.

Did you think girls don't game? 40% of gamers are female, and not only do they make their presence felt but also win matches at events like Quake Con or World Cyber Games.

School 26 is built around teenage angst and the social difficulties of high school. The user takes on the role of a young girl who finds it hard to maintain relationships. As she switches to her 26th school, she strikes a deal with her parents: if she manages to make friends in this institute, they will stay put. The user must control the character to do just that.

This isn't your everyday run and gun game and certainly not aimed at hard core gamers. This is the kind of game that will attract a casual crowd that like a bit of interactivity and fun on mobile devices. Silicon Sisters plans to make more games for the casual crowd but want to keep the theme of its games focused at building social skills and interaction also known as "social engineering".

Silicon Sisters is run by former Radical Entertainment executive producer Kristen Forbes and Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, formerly COO of Deep Fried Entertainment.

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