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Blackberry Reviews

  • BlackBerry Z3 Review: Sticking to What It Does Best

    The BlackBerry Z3 is a beautiful but underpowered smartphone, which does only a few things well. Will that be enough to bring longtime users back into the fold?

  • BlackBerry Z30 review

    The BlackBerry Z30 looks like a host of other smartphones out there, but once you pick it up, the phone seems quite solid.

  • BlackBerry Messenger for iOS review

    Here's our initial take on BlackBerry Messenger's iOS version.

  • BlackBerry 9720 review

    Will the BlackBerry 9720 be the much needed saviour to pull the younger crowd back to the brand? We find out.

  • BlackBerry Q5 review

    BlackBerry Q5 is the company's mid-range offering based on BlackBerry 10 OS.

  • BlackBerry Q10 review

    The BlackBerry Q10 is the first hardware keyboard equipped smartphone that runs the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. Here's our review.

  • BlackBerry Q10 review: The keyboard strikes back

    The keyboard makes the Q10 a good complement to a tablet.

  • BlackBerry 10 OS review

    BlackBerry 10 is likely the company's final throw of the dice to regain relevance and offer a viable alternative to iOS and Android.

  • BlackBerry Z10 review

    The phone comes with an all-touch experience, instead of a QWERTY keyboard usually associated with BlackBerrys.

  • BlackBerry Z10 is a good stab at rebirth

    There's a new BlackBerry that wants to get back into the cool club, the Z10.



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