UC Browser 9.6 for Android released with Easy Downloading Mode, speed boosts

UC Browser 9.6 for Android released with Easy Downloading Mode, speed boosts

UCWeb has released the latest version (v9.6) of the UC Browser for Android, touting new features and better browsing speed. The biggest new feature of UC Browser 9.6 is the 'Easy Downloading Mode', which apparently helps make the user's device into the 'ultimate resource grabber'

The UC Browser 9.6 for Android's new Easy Downloading Mode shows 'all downloadable resources from a web page in a list' for easy download of content, seemingly tweaked for images, enabling users to choose and download the content they desire. The UCWeb says the download menu of the Android browser has been also tweaked a bit, and is now more user friendly.

For those users with high-end smartphones and tablets, UCWeb claims the new UC Browser 9.6 for Android app will "leverage the power" of their devices, with new hardware acceleration that will help speed up browsing and online graphics. The feature is available only for devices with 2GB or more of RAM.

The UC Browser 9.6 for Android app's 'Page Preloader' feature, which preloads the next page while the user reads the current page, has apparently been boosted in terms of preloading speed. According to UCWeb, the UC Browser 9.6 for Android also has a 25 percent faster startup speed, based on its testing.

Users can download the UC Browser 9.6 version from the Google Play store for their smartphones and tablets.

UCWeb released its UC Browser 9.5 browser last month, which comprised of extended language and font support, along with a Web Application Centre, UC Homescreen Widget, and an Image Viewer feature.

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