New Adobe Reader lets you sign documents on iPhone, iPad, Android

New Adobe Reader lets you sign documents on iPhone, iPad, Android

Adobe has released an update to its Reader app for mobile devices (also known as Adobe Reader X) that enables users to sign PDF documents on the device by simply drawing signature on the touchscreen with their finger.

Describing the update in a blog post, Adobe said:

Thanks to Adobe Reader for mobile, you can electronically sign a document by simply drawing your signature with your finger on a touchscreen, making it easy to conduct business while on the go. Additionally, you can connect to Adobe EchoSign to get others to sign documents electronically, letting you track and manage the status of documents online. And, because the signed contracts are archived in the cloud, you can easily retrieve documents from anywhere, at any time, via a web browser.

This has been possible on mobile devices via third-party apps, but this is the first time the official Adobe mobile reader app has incorporated this feature.

Also included in the update is the ability to annotate/ comment on PDFs. Another new feature sure to come-in handy is form fill. Form fill lets users fill forms electronically, eliminating the need to print the document.

The update is now available for a free download in Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Adobe Reader - iOS (iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad)
Adobe Reader - Google Play (Android)


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