Google Keep, Play Newsstand and Play Movies & TV apps receive minor updates

Google has updated three apps for its users - Google Keep, Google Play Newsstand and Google Play Movies & TV - with some minor tweaks. Of the three apps updated, Google has only one on the iTunes App Store, the Google Play Movies & TV app. This iOS app however, has not yet received the update - with the no announcement about an impending release either.

Google Keep, the note-making app, can now search for texts within images that have been saved by users. "If you add new images with text in Keep, search now finds printed text within those image so you can find what you're looking for even quicker," states Android Google+ post.

A new 'Trash' view has been added to access those notes that have been deleted by the user. Additionally, for those users who make a lot of reminders or to-do-lists, the checked lists will automatically go down, showing only those which are yet to be done.

Google Keep also received some UI redesigns. The top yellow-coloured bar has been added to make the app look like other Google Apps along with a side-bar, which includes Trash, Feedback, account switcher, removing the 'Settings' option and other functions.

The updated Google Play Newsstand app includes some new tabs in the 'Read Now' section of the app. The 'Read Now' section now includes quick access to other sections like highlights, news, business, entertainment and sports.

The slide-in side-bar now combines two different sections 'My News' and 'My Magazines' into a single 'My Library'.

Google Play Movies & TV is another app that has received an update. As a part of the update, the Google Play Movies & TV now includes a side-bar, like Google Keep and Google Play Newsstand. The side-bar includes 'Settings' and 'Help & Feedback' options. An account switching option has been also added in the top bar.

The playback of TV shows in the updated Google Play Movies & TV app can now be handled by simple swipe gestures instead of the traditional timeline interface. Users can skip 10-second intervals when they swipe forward or backwards or rewind/fast-forward continuously by swipe and hold gesture.

All three Google Keep, Google Play Newsstand and Google Play Movies & TV are available to download from the Google Play Store. The updates might take some time to roll-out in some regions.

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