Apple's App Store down for many around the world (Update: Possible fix)

Apple's App Store down for many around the world (Update: Possible fix)

Reports around the web and popular social-networking website Twitter indicate that Apple's App Store is inaccessible by many across the world.

The issue was first reported by The Next Web, and since then multiple websites and users have confirmed the problem. Apple has not announced any scheduled maintenance on the App Store, so one can only speculate that the store is facing problems of some kind.

The problem doesn't seem to be restricted to a certain geography, as users around the world are reporting inability to download apps. We, however, were able to download apps just fine, so clearly the problem is restricted to some.

Users trying to access the App Store receive a "Cannon connect to iTunes store" message on their iOS devices. There are no reported issues with the Mac App Store.

Image courtesy: The Next Web

Are you experiencing issues accessing the App Store? Leave a comment with your location.

Update: A user has written saying he fixed the problem by logging out completely from the App Store and logging back in. (Settings -> App Store). Does that fix the problem for you? Leave a comment.

Update 2: Going by your comments, the problem seems to be fixed for most by logging out and signing back in. Unlucky ones should try restarting their devices, and then logging out and in. Please leave a comment if it worked or otherwise so as to help others. Thanks!

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